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GYROKINESIS® is an exercise based on the same movements made during a Gyrotonic workout. The chief difference is that the exercises are performed on a mat without equipment.

By Zeel Editorial Staff, Last updated: April 19, 2018

Gyrokinesis is an exercise based on the same movements made during a Gyrotonic workout. The chief difference is that the exercises are performed on a stool and mat without equipment. Gyrokinesis practice places importance on connecting each movement to the breath.

Gyrokinesis exercises work the body through seven spinal movements: forward, backward, left side, right side, left twist, right twist and a circular motion.

Benefits of GYROKINESIS®: Arching, curling, bending, twisting and spiraling the spine all strengthen the body and make it more flexible. Gyrokinesis motions tone the muscles surrounding the torso while improving posture, balance and agility. Gyrokinesis movements improve flexibility, mobility and balance. It is also said to be highly relaxing.

Who GYROKINESIS® is best for: Beginner's classes always begin sitting on a stool, making Gyrokinesis exercises comfortable for participants of all ages. Classes progress to floor work and finish standing.

The majority of classes are spent on floor work, which introduces movements that are completed from a standing, kneeling or seated position. The movements performed during a Gyrokinesis class target all of the muscle groups, including the core, hips, knees and hamstrings.

Getting ready: A Gyrokinesis class begins by practicing simple breathing patterns and massaging your body. This can be done while sitting on your mat or while seated on a small bench placed at the top of your mat. Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement.

Calories burned: Gyrokinesis method has many benefits for the body, including the burning of calories. The continuous motions improve circulation, thereby boosting a participant's metabolism. The main purpose of this modality, however, is not to burn calories. Without supplementary forms of aerobic or strength training exercises, the slow, methodical movements are not ideal for significant weight loss.

Celebrity Devotees

In 2010, TV hosts Regis and Kelly received a Gyrokinesis tutorial on their early morning talkshow.


There is very little risk when engaging in Gyrokinesis exercises, in fact, the exercises are considered gentle, safe and rehabilitative. The exercises are designed to provide a great warm-up for your muscles, and many use Gyrokinesis movements before engaging in sports.

Who shouldn't do it: There are no known safety hazards associated with Gyrokinesis exercise method. It is even said to be beneficial for women while pregnant.

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