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Fraxel laser skin treatments are among the most popular cosmetic laser treatments available.

Does Fraxel treat acne scars?

Nelson Novick (New York, NY) on Aug 19, 2011
Fraxel is touted to treat acne scars. However, I have not really found this modality to be particularly successful and worth the considerable time, effort and money involved in undergoing a series of treatments. At best, Fraxel may be of some use in very shallow, superficial acne scars. Acne scars typically present in a variety of forms: atrophic scars, pit scars, and box scars. Through the years, I have found a variety of treatments, when tailored to the specific type of scar to be quite effective in improving their appearances. Some can be cut out, others "punched" out, others elevated using a simple technique known as dermaspacing, and still others improved in color and surface appearance following medical microneedling alone or combination with these other techniques. Finally, pit scars have been effectively dealt with by instilling a very high concentration of TCA deep within the pits helping to close them off (a method known as the CROSS technique). Fraxel, dermabrasion and superficial peels, in my experience, tend to benefit somewhat only the most shallow and superficial of scars and even in these instances only after a series of treatments.
Jody Levine (New York, NY) on Aug 19, 2011
Fraxel can treat acne scars, but the best way to treat this condition is with our Signature Manhattan Peel, which combines the Fraxel, or Profractional, Laser with the Microlaser. The MicroLaser Peel precisely ablates a thin layer of damaged skin at the surface, leading to improved skin texture immediately following treatment. The ProFractional laser is designed to treat deeper layers of skin by creating microscopic wounds across a portion of the treatment area. By leaving the surrounding tissue intact, ProFractional can provide highly effective skin rejuvenation, while stimulating the body’s natural healing process to produce new collagen in the subsequent months. The result is immediate visible improvement in tone and texture, with continuing improvement in skin quality.
David Goldberg (New York, NY) on Aug 19, 2011
There are multiple Fraxel lasers and Fraxel-like lasers. Although all can improve acne scars, results and safety are often more related to your chosen laser physician than the actual Fraxel laser.
Robert Strimling (Las Vegas, NV) on Nov 20, 2011
Yes, there are many types of acne scars and treatments and combination of treatments for acne scarring. Acne scar treatment starts with an in-office evaluation by an experienced cosmetic dermatologic surgeon. Good luck.