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How can I make sure I'm getting maximum benefit from push-ups?

Franklin Antoian (Delray Beach, FL) on Dec 13, 2011
The best way to get maximum benefit from push-ups or any other exercise is to use correct form. Here is a video of a proper push-up. Enjoy!
James Weaver (Milford, CT) on Dec 13, 2011
First of all you need to practice proper form. Your back should be flat which in turn wil keep your abs contracted. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders throughout the entire movement. You can also have your hand position wide nuetral and narrow. These will work the entire chest, back and triceps. Generally the push-up is a full body exercise, every major muscle is being used when you do a push-up.
Christina Tyler (Indian Trail, NC) on Dec 13, 2011
Pushups in general are amazing for the entire body. But, for maximum results, military style is best. Be sure to keep your back flat with your tummy and hips tucked in. Breathe in while you're down and exhale as you're pushing up. The resting period should be on the up position.
Deena Clemente (New York, NY) on Dec 13, 2011
Make sure your shoulder is in alignment with your elbows and wrist. Abs and glutes are tight. Keep your breathing consistent. Make sure your chest is in between your hands when you ascend and exhale push straight up keeping your chest in between your hands.
Joe Barbagallo (New York, NY) on Dec 13, 2011