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Fat transfer (injection)

A dermal filler treatment that utilizes fat removed from one part of a patient's body and injected elsewhere.

Before You Go

Questions to ask your doctor:

  • Where do you recommend that I remove the fat from?
  • Can I remove the fat and inject it at a later time, during two separate appointments?
  • How will you treat the fat used for injection?

Pre-procedure prep for fat transfer (injection): An antibiotic will be prescribed after your fat injections, but you may wish to start taking it 24 hours prior to your appointment.

On the day of treatment: The first and most crucial step in these fat transplantations is identifying the points of extraction and insertion, so no makeup should be worn during the kickoff consultation.

What To Expect

Also called microlipoinjections, the procedure is made up of three steps: harvesting, transferring and purifying, and depositing. In short, the fat is extracted with a long syringe through a process similar to liposuction.

The fat is then processed with a centrifuge or other method to separate the layers of the fat. Finally, the extracted fat is grafted into the new region. Redness, bruising, and swelling are likely.

Fat transfers can be obtained from the buttock, thigh, abdominal region or any other area with excess fat. It can be injected back into your face, hands, or any other areas that need filling.

Who should do it: Find a cosmetic surgeon who is not only aware of aesthetic injections but, more importantly, is experienced with fat extraction.

Duration: Depending on how much fat is removed, transfers can take about an hour to complete.

How Painful Is It?

Anesthesia is used to numb the injection site for autologous fat injections, so anything more than mild discomfort during the injections is unlikely.

Options for anesthesia: Fat injections may be performed under local anesthesia,general anesthesia or IV sedation, depending upon areas to be treated, amount of fat harvested and grafted and provider.

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