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Can getting facials too often cause breakouts of acne?

Janie Shelton (Mcdonough, GA) on Dec 7, 2011
Too much of anything can cause sensitivity, but a breakout might be caused by the products you are using. Be sure to pick the best products for your skin type. A professional esthetician will know what to use and how often. Weekly facials are great when you are targeting specific skin needs, but once a month will work if you are following a good skincare regimen at home. When you get a facial, it cleans the pores. If you see breakouts after a facial, it usually means that bacteria beneath the skin is coming to the surface We can then do a facial to target the breakouts, and you'll be on your way to cleaner, clearer skin.
Renata Bateman (Rochester, NY) on Dec 7, 2011
Over-exfoliating and steaming can cause breakouts.
Shohreh Vaziri (Washington, DC) on Dec 7, 2011
With the wrong facial, yes.
Brenda Gilbert (Raymond, NH) on Dec 7, 2011
It may very well depend on the products your provider is using. In addition, a proper facial will stimulate your own oil/sebum/moisture levels. For most, this is an essential and often sought after effect. If you believe your acne breakouts are due to excessive oils, ask your provider's advice on oil-controlling products.
Seven Brown (New York, NY) on Dec 7, 2011
Too many facials can cause breakouts by impairing "barrier function." This means the natural protective moisture of the skin is reduced, making skin easily irritated.
Loren DePinto (Garden City, NY) on Aug 2, 2012
Facials with steam at first can perhaps cause some breakouts afterwards. I wouldn't recommend getting a facial more than once a month. However, in the long run it will stop the breakouts not increase them. :)