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Eyelash perm

Ladies tired of coating their lashes with mascara every morning or applying the torturous eyelash curler may welcome eyelash perming, which makes lashes curly and eye-enhancing for up to three months.

Before You Go

Do not wear any eye makeup, especially mascara, to the appointment. Remove contact lenses.

After care for eyelash perm: Avoid wetting the eyelashes for two hours after the procedure. See an eye doctor immediately if you experience any pain in or around the eyes.

What To Expect

The process is simple. A special glue is applied to the lashes, which are then wrapped around a small tube or roller. A smaller roller will produce a more dramatic curve than a larger roller. Perm solution is applied to the lashes, which then set for about five to 10 minutes.

The lashes will then be curled for about two to three months until the lashes fall out. (Don’t be alarmed, we typically shed lashes every several months.)