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Eyelash extensions

If you’re not happy with the lashes bestowed upon you by your DNA and tired of wearing globby, smudgy mascara, there’s a new solution for you: lash extensions.

Before You Go

Make sure not to wear oil-based cosmetics to the session, as this can interfere with lash attachment. This includes washing or moisturizing the face with anything oil-based.

After care for eyelash extensions: Do not shower or swim for 24 hours after lash extensions. Do not use any oil-based mascara, eye makeup or makeup remover, as oil can weaken the glue bond. Do not curl or perm lashes.

What To Expect

During a lash extension session, you will lie on a padded table while your stylist first applies the glue to the base of your lashes, and then individually attaches each false lash to a real lash. The entire process usually takes one to two hours, though in less experienced hands it can take up to three hours.

Most lash extensions are made of synthetic fibers, though silk and mink lashes (which are much more expensive) are sometime used. Mink lashes can cost up to $1000 per application.