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Essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids are fatty acids that are required by the body but that cannot be manufactured by the body (and therefore must be consumed).

What Essential Fatty Acids Does For The Body

Both linolenic and linoleic fatty acids have significant health benefits. Linoleic acids reduce the risk of heart disease, increases levels of "good" cholesterol, helps prevent breast cancer and depression, may decrease PMS symptoms and improve lung function in asthmatics.

Linoleic fatty acids are helpful with conditions like arthritis, neuropathy, ADHD, reducing the chance of breast cancer and lowering blood pressure.

What happens if you don't have enough essential fatty acids: A lack of linoleic acid can cause dry skin, heartbeat irregularities, hair loss, kidney malfunction and a depressed immune system. A lack of linoleic acid can lead to heart disease, dry skin, depression, fatigue and joint pain.

What happens if you have too much: While some linoleic acid is good, too much is not. An excessive amount of linoleic acid can depress thyroid function, increases inflammatino in the body and may increase the risk of cancer.

Too much alpha-linoleic acid isn't nearly as harmful - though it may cause minor symptoms like muscle ache, hives and thiamine deficiency.

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