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Electrolysis can accomplish what tweezing, waxing, and bleaching can't - the permanent removal of the shadow above your lip or your caterpillar brows.

Electrolysis Side Effects

Redness, bumps, scabs, or inflammation may be possible after the treatment. If the needle isn't sterilized, electrolysis can lead to infection.

Who shouldn't use it: Years of waxing, tweezing, and shaving can bend or misshape your hair follicles. Warped hair follicles can make electrolysis more challenging - which means slower and more painful. Electrolysis is not safe for eliminating ear hair because of the risk of damage to the eardrum.

Drawbacks: Electrolysis can be pricey and painful. You won't be able to wax or tweeze the hair that grows back between treatments.

Recovery Time For Electrolysis

Your skin may be red directly after electrolysis, but you can go about your day regardless. You may wish to bring some concealer to apply afterward if you are having electrolysis on your face.

After care for Electrolysis: Between treatments, resist the temptation to tweeze stray hairs. Tweezing can distort hair follicles, making electrolysis more difficult and painful. Shave the hair instead, but not once it's time to return for another electrolysis session.

Remember, you'll need a sprig of hair to show above the surface of your skin in order to remove it.

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