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Diets and Cleanses

The sheer number of diets and cleanses promoted in the market can be quite confusing. Here's what you need to know.

Will eating more often but in smaller portions help me lose weight?

Natasha Uspensky (New York, NY) on Dec 20, 2011
In the short term, this style of eating otherwise known as "grazing" can help to regulate hunger and prevent overeating. In the long term, however, the body becomes dependent on these frequent meals to regulate blood sugar, and is incapable of long term stability. This style of eating also discourages fat metabolism, as the body is burning off the frequent meals instead of stored fat. For long-term, sustainable weight loss, eating three healthy meals a day, with the majority of caloric intake taking place before 3 pm, provides much greater results!
Lisa Stollman (Huntington, NY) on Dec 20, 2011
Smaller portions can help you lose weight, but if you eat frequently you can still go over your daily caloric needs. If you eat a large serving of vegetables with lunch and dinner you may find that you stay full longer and eat less overall. Vegetables are low in calories and will help support weight loss.
Gretchen Scalpi (Beacon, NY) on Dec 20, 2011
This strategy actually works well for many people, if they are able to work out a plan to accommodate multiple small meals. Success at weight loss is not a "one size fits all" approach, however, so this may not be practical for everyone. One of the reasons why this style of eating does work well for some is because eating more frequently can help control appetite. Delaying meals for extended periods of time can result in excessive hunger and low blood sugar levels. When someone is in this state, they may overeat and possibly make poor food choices because the urge to eat is very strong. In contrast, eating small frequent meals may prevent excessive hunger and overeating, thereby resulting in a lower caloric intake. It's important to realize that the smaller, frequent meals still need to consist of healthy food choices such as fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grain foods, low fat dairy, and lean sources of protein.