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Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are one of the most widely used treatments for wrinkles.

What is the best filler for under eye bags and dark circles?

Ira Papel (Baltimore, MD) on Jan 20, 2012
We prefer to use the hyaluronic acid products (Restylane or Juvederm) under the eye. These injections are the correct density, and are well tolerated to fill the tear trough area. The duration of effect seems to be 9-12 months.
Theda Kontis (Baltimore, MD) on Jan 20, 2012
The best filler for the lower eyelid hollows is Restylane.
Nelson Novick (New York, NY) on Jan 20, 2012
A variety of fillers have proven useful for treating bags and dark circles under the eyes. The actual choice in any particular individual will depend up exactly what kind of problem(s) require treatment. For mild crinkles and crepe-yness, I prefer Juvederm Ultra XC injected in microdroplets to smooth out the area. For deep tear troughs, Restylane-L generally works well to give more of the lift that is needed in this case. For dark circles, a combination of small amounts of Radiesse, which is white in color, mixed with Juvederm UltraXC, can go a long way to lightening "panda" or "raccoon" eyes. The appropriate choice(s) and amounts of agents can only be made after a careful examination and discussion at the time of consultation. And needless to say, injections in this delicate area should only be performed by board-certified esthetic physicians with experience and training and who perform these treatments on a regular basis.
Robert Strimling (Las Vegas, NV) on Jan 20, 2012
Restylane is my preferred choice.