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Dental fillings

Got a cavity? Get a filling. Dental fillings are the first line of defense against tooth decay.

Who shouldn't use it: Fillings cannot repair severely decayed or broken teeth. In those cases, an inlay, outlay or crown should be applied. Typically, if more than half the biting surface of a tooth is gone, a filling will be inadequate.

Drawbacks: About 1 percent of people who get silver amalgan fillings find that they are allergic to the mercury contained in these fillings. Additionally, mercury may cause birth defects.

Gold, silver and tooth-colored ceramic are expensive. Some healthy tooth material must be removed to apply the filling, which can be painful.

Recovery Time For Dental Fillings

You can go about your business immediately, though your mouth may be numb and/or sore for a few hours following the filling.

After care for dental fillings: Nothing special needs to be done after getting a filling. You may wish to drink water if your mouth is dry or numb and take a drugstore painkiller after the dental anesthetic wears off.

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