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Dental crowns

Dental crowns are permanent tooth covers that are cemented to chipped, cracked or broken teeth to improve their appearance and function.

How can a gold crown can turn black after 2 days? This is the second crown with the same problem on a month period.

Christopher Baer (Aurora, CO) on Nov 4, 2011
My initial guess would be that it was placed over an amalgam or next to an amalgam(silver filling). If your saliva is fairly acidic, then there could be a low grade galvanic current, like a battery, which could lead to corrosion or discoloration. I would go back to the dentist that placed the crown and see if they can offer a solution.
Kamini Talati (Port Saint Lucie, FL) on Nov 4, 2011
A gold crown should not turn black. The dentist did not get an all-gold crown from the lab. You should inform your dentist and allow him or her to rectify the situation.
Les Latner (Los Angeles, CA) on Nov 4, 2011
I would wonder what elements the crown was made from. It is not 100% gold and may not contain any gold. Ask your dentist what metals were used to make the crown.
Leonard Tau (Philadelphia, PA) on Nov 4, 2011
I am not sure what you are referring to in regards to a gold crown turning black. But the tooth below may be dark from a root canal. If you can post a picture of what you are referring to, that would be helpful.
Michael Apa (New York, NY) on Dec 2, 2011
it could be that the crown is not seating all the way on the tooth leaving a margin that shows the tooth. the tooth itself could be dark and showing thru. the crown really needs to be tucked slightly underneath the gum to hide any discoloration of the tooth.