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Damon braces

Damon braces largely eliminate the need to extract permanent teeth, and the brackets are designed to be held together by wire without the need for elastic bands.

Damon Braces Side Effects

Braces can add tension to the teeth and gums. This can be uncomfortable until you become accustomed to the pressure. Biting down on something hard can cause the wires to snap. If they do break, call your orthodontist.

Who shouldn't use it: Damon braces are not suitable for people with undersized teeth.

Drawbacks: Most patients can receive Damon braces without the need for tooth extractions; however, in cases where teeth are severely overcrowded, extractions may be required in order to make space.

Damon braces are more expensive than traditional braces and cannot correct severe overbites.

Recovery Time For Damon Braces

None, though your teeth may be slightly sensitive from the added pressure of the braces. Advil can typically address any achiness.

After care for Damon braces: Eat soft food on the day the braces are bonded to your teeth. Avoid hard or sticky foods that can become ensnared in the metal wires or break them.

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