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Damon braces

Damon braces largely eliminate the need to extract permanent teeth, and the brackets are designed to be held together by wire without the need for elastic bands.

Questions to ask your doctor: Are my teeth too small for Damon braces? Will the clear material stain? How long will I need to wear my Damon braces? About how many times will I have to return to the orthodontist while wearing them? Will I need to extract any teeth first?

Pre-procedure prep for Damon braces: Existing cavities should be filled before the Damon braces are applied. In some cases, wisdom teeth must be extracted.

On the day of treatment: The consultation appointment takes about one hour. Plan to spend two to three hours on the day the braces are installed.

What To Expect

After the teeth are cleaned, a gel-like cement is painted on the tooth's surface, onto which the braces areplaced. A light dries the gel and bonds the brackets into place.

Damon braces gradually straighten teeth by delivering continuous pressure over a period of time.

How Painful Is It?

Damon braces make use of ultra-flexible wires that have so-called "shape memory.' These light, titanium wires are meant to be gentler than wires used in traditional braces, making the adjustment period to the orthodontics easier. Still, some people may experience discomfort.

Options for anesthesia: Anesthesia is not needed for the application of Damon braces.

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