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Dahn yoga

Based on the traditional Korean system of Sun Do, Dahn Yoga is a combination of tai chi, meditation, martial arts, and various established styles of yoga.

By Zeel Editorial Staff, Last updated: April 19, 2018

Dahn Yoga was founded in 1985 by Ilchi Lee, a Korean yogi with ADHD who was desperate to calm his mind and channel his extra energy. What he created was Dahn yoga, and it was based on the traditional Korean system of Sun Do - a combination of tai chi, meditation, martial arts and various other established styles of yoga.

Benefits of Dahn yoga: Aside from the typical benefits of yoga, Dahn Yoga also emphasizes an idea Lee calls "Brain Wave Vibration," where students train their minds and bodies to work together.

According to this brain management system, if you have positive thoughts, you'll have a successful yoga practice - that's the theory anyway.

Dahn yoga may improve digestion, facilitate weight loss, improve posture, increase strength and flexibility and result in better sleep patterns. All this has emotional advantages too, such as a boost in self confidence.

Who Dahn yoga is best for: Dahn Yoga places equal importance on physical, emotional and spiritual health. This style is particularly rehabilitative for athletes, such as skiers, who experience knee pain due to injury.

Getting ready: Light, loose clothing that promotes the proper dissipation of body heat are encouraged. Many Dahn yoga locations provide basic uniforms (white v-neck, black pants).

Calories burned: Dahn yoga is not famed for burning calories, though practicing regularly may result in gradual weight loss. The number of calories burned during a single practice will differ from person to person.


Warm up the knees, hips and ankles before participating in Dahn yoga. Doing so can improve circulation and mobilize the joints, thereby preventing injury during the flow.

Who shouldn't do it: Dahn yoga can be practiced at any age. Because Dahn yoga can be highly meditative (allegations that it was "cult-like" leaked in 2010), it may be most suitable for practitioners seeking a style of yoga with strong spiritual elements.

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