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Crest WhiteStrips

If you want whiter teeth but want to skip the visit to the dentist, Crest WhiteStrips may be your best option.

Crest WhiteStrips Side Effects

Leaving the strips on for longer than the recommended time will not whiten teeth further, though it may may them sensitive and tender. Swallowing the whitening gel may cause an upset stomach.

Who shouldn't use it: There are no health restrictions. Consult your dentist before using any tooth-whitening product, including Crest WhiteStrips.

Drawbacks: Whitening results take longer and are not as dramatic as the chemical agents used during in-office teeth bleaching and whitening procedures. It can take 14 to 21 days, for example, to see full results.

Recovery Time For Crest WhiteStrips

There is no recovery period after using Crest WhiteStrips.

After care for Crest WhiteStrips: Nothing in particular needs to be done after using Crest WhiteStrips, though poor dental hygiene will stain teeth anew. If gel remains on the teeth after application, just rinse or brush it off. Avoid dark liquids for 24 hours after using any whitening strips, since the pores in your teeth could absorb the unwanted hue.

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