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CosmoDerm is a collagen injection that smooths superficial wrinkles and acne scars by adding structural support and volume to the skin.

CosmoDerm Side Effects

Your skin may be temporarily swollen, bruised, flush, and tender around the treatment site.

Who shouldn't use it: Individuals with severe allergies that result in anaphylactic shock or with a known resistance to lidocaine should not use CosmoDerm. A history of rheumatoid arthritis or scleroderma also means this injectable is also a no-go. CosmoDerm can irritate skin infections like cysts, acne, rashes, and hives. CosmoDerm is not to be implanted into the bone, tendon, ligament, muscle, or directly into the breast. The filler is not proven safe during pregnancy.

Drawbacks: Much like naturally-occurring collagen, CosmoDerm injections are not impervious to time. You will need frequent touchups or the wrinkles will reappear.

Recovery Time For CosmoDerm

You shouldn't have to take any vacation days off from work, but your skin can remain red and puffed up for about three days. Wait about six hours to touch the injection site with your hands, after which time you can gently wash your skin with soap and water. Until the initial redness disappears, avoid extensive sun exposure and steamy showers. Intense heat can exacerbate swelling, as can exercise and alcohol. These are forbidden post-injection too.

After care for CosmoDerm: Exercise, sun, heat exposure, and alcohol can turn your skin even more red and swollen. Wait until these side effects disappear before heading to the beach or physical trainer. Placing a cold compress on the injection site can help minimize bruising. Otherwise, you can cover it up with makeup.

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