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CosmoDerm is a collagen injection that smooths superficial wrinkles and acne scars by adding structural support and volume to the skin.

By Zeel Editorial Staff, Last updated: April 19, 2018

CosmoDerm is an injectable filler containing collagen. Specifically, CosmoDerm uses collagen derived from lab-grown human cells, making it different from bovine-based collagen treatments, which are cow hide based. As of 2011, Allergan-the manufacturer of CosmoDerm and several other collagen-based dermal fillers-announced that they would no longer produce CosmoDerm.

CosmoDerm was first designed to smooth superficial wrinkles and acne scars by adding structural support and volume to the skin. Allergan had produced two forms of this injectable filler: CosmoDerm I and CosmoDerm II. CosmoDerm II was more powerful, with double the concentration of collagen in each syringe.

Newer dermal fillers have largely replaced collagen injections. If your dermatologist still offers CosmoDerm in their practice, it's likely they won't for much longer.

What It's Good For

CosmoDerm fills superficial wrinkles appearing at the surface level of the skin, like eye creases, frown lines, "lipstick lines" - the wrinkles above your top lip - and shallow scars. CosmoDerm I is a lip enhancer, adding definition to your smile by outlining the border. It can also be layered on top of CosmoPlast (a similar human collagen filler) to address deep nasolabial folds and marionette lines. If you have moderate creases, like pitted acne scars and crow's feet, then CosmoDerm II is the better filler.

Who it works for: CosmoDerm is the treatment of choice for individuals in search of a temporary way to smooth out surface level acne scars and wrinkles caused by sun damage and age. As a bonus, CosmoDerm is actually a great way to treat scarring left behind from childhood chickenpox, that is, if you're part of the pre-vaccination population of pox patients.

Recommended age range: Collagen breaks down with age, so once wrinkles (or acne scars) appear, CosmoDerm can help reduce them. CosmoDerm can therefore help out those in their twenties and older.

When will I see results?: The result of CosmoDerm injections should be immediate. CosmoDerm I and II can instantly reduce facial wrinkles, scars, and redefine your lips.

How long it lasts: Most CosmoDerm injections last between three and four months, requiring frequent follow-ups.

Key benefits of CosmoDerm: CosmoDerm is made from human cells, so the odds of an adverse reaction to the injections are uncommon. This means no pre-testing for allergies is needed to get CosmoDerm injections. The bottom line? No waiting for lab results for an allergy test, which can take three to four weeks. It's believed that CosmoDerm carries the least post-injection swelling (though that doesn't mean none). Tissue damage is much less common with human collagen than with bovine injections.

Licensed uses: Cleared by the FDA for use on March 11, 2003, CosmoDerm I and II treat soft tissue contour defects such as scars and wrinkles. CosmoDerm is injected into shallow lines and scars, while the stronger consistency of CosmoDerm II makes it a powerful resource for deeper creases like nasolabial folds and marionette lines. CosmoDerm's manufacturer, Allergan, advises that no more than 30 mL of CosmoDerm I should be used in a one year period. CosmoDerm II is limited to 15 mL. You may need three or four touchups over a year to maintain results.

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