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CosmoDerm is a collagen injection that smooths superficial wrinkles and acne scars by adding structural support and volume to the skin.

Before You Go

Questions to ask your doctor:

  • How many syringes of CosmoDerm will I need for my wrinkles or scars?
  • Do you think CosmoDerm I or II is a better treatment for the condition of my skin?

Pre-procedure prep for CosmoDerm: Blood thinners like aspirin and ibuprofen can increase bruising and bleeding after the injections. If you can stay off these drugs during the days before your appointment, you can decrease the intensity of these colorful and itchy side effects.

On the day of treatment: There are no specific instructions on the day of your CosmoDerm injections. If you're treating acne scars, you may consider showing up with a clear face, void of clumpy concealers that mask your scars.

What To Expect

CosmoDerm delivers collagen into scars and wrinkles existing on the surface of the skin via a thin needle, filling in your wrinkles from the inside out. After treatment your skin may be red or swollen.

Who should do it: As with any injectable formula, CosmoDerm should be administered by a board certified plastic surgeon experienced with collagen treatments.

Duration: Depending on how many areas you want to treat, CosmoDerm injections can take up to (but most likely less than) an hour. 20 minutes is generally sufficient.

How Painful Is It?

CosmoDerm contains the ingredient lidocaine to anesthetize the skin upon injection. The needle stick can still be uncomfortable to painful, depending on your tolerance level.

Options for anesthesia: CosmoDerm I and II are made with lidocaine, an anesthetic. If your pain tolerance is particularly low, you may opt for a pre-jab anesthetic cream to numb the immediate area.

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