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Cosmetic gum surgery

Too gummy? Not gummy enough? You can correct your gums with surgery.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery Side Effects

Gum surgery can cause bleeding, clotting, swelling, tenderness and lingering pain for days following the operation. A soft diet is recommended during the healing period.

Who shouldn't use it: Gum surgery for the treatment of a gummy smile is purely elective. Surgery for receding gums should be avoided in the presence of very serious health conditions.

Drawbacks: Periodontal surgery is completely dependent on the quality of the surgeon. Some procedures, when not performed perfectly at first, might require a second, follow-up procedure.

Recovery Time For Cosmetic Gum Surgery

The recovery period depends on the extent of the surgery. Recovery from gum grafting, a common form of treatment for receding gums, can take up to two weeks.

After care for cosmetic gum surgery: After cosmetic gum surgery, follow your doctor's post-operative orders in order to accelerate healing time. You should change your mouth gauze regularly, as you may experience oozing during the first 24 hours after your procedure. Prop your head up when you sleep at night. If given a prescription for painkillers, make sure to take them as directed by your dental surgeon.

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