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Cosmetic gum surgery

Too gummy? Not gummy enough? You can correct your gums with surgery.

Questions to ask your doctor: Are there non-surgical alternatives I can explore?

Pre-procedure prep for cosmetic gum surgery: Continue to practice good dental hygiene before your appointment. Stock up on high-energy drinks and soft foods for post-surgical recovery.

On the day of treatment: Don't plan heavy appointments on the day of your treatment. Stay calm during the procedure for the best results.

What To Expect

The recovery depends on the type of surgery done. Classic receding gum surgery requires a graft from the roof of the mouth and may take up to two weeks to heal.

Some shortening of gum tissue (to correct gummy smiles) can be done with lasers. Because laser surgery does not require incisions, there is no recovery period. Laser surgery, however, is a completely different procedure than periodontal surgery. The results are much less drastic, as the laser cannot reposition the gums.

Who should do it: Gum surgery should be performed by a periodontist or oral surgeon.

Duration: Gum surgery takes an hour or more, depending on the extent of the operation.

How Painful Is It?

The actual operation itself is not painful but you will experience significant discomfort afterward for at least a week. While gum surgery seems like it could be quite painful, in reality, it's much less uncomfortable than you might imagine.

Options for anesthesia: A local anesthetic will be used and you may be given a prescription for a painkiller to take after the operation.

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