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CoolLipo is one common brand of laser lipolysis.

CoolLipo Side Effects

CoolLipo, like all minimally invasive weight loss procedures, can result in infection, excess bleeding, skin irregularities and textural changes, scarring, and blood clots. Skin is likely to be temporarily swollen, bruised, and lumpy after surgery. Fat may return in unexpected areas.

Who shouldn't use it: CoolLipo is not safe for pregnant women and should be avoided for at least three months after giving birth. Abdominal CoolLipo cannot be used on individuals who have had previous abdominal surgery or who have abdominal disorders.

Drawbacks: CoolLipo is not intended for aggressive weight loss, and only those within 30% of their ideal body weight should opt for the treatment.

Recovery Time For CoolLipo

You will be bruised for at least two or three days. CoolLipo of the chin or neck may require three days of rest, so consider taking a long weekend off before returning to work and slowly getting back into your exercise routine.

An average of three to five days rest is usually enough to get you back on your feet.

After care for CoolLipo: During the first two days you'll be instructed to take pain killers and to wear a compression garment around the treatment area, which helps the skin tighten and heal.

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