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CoolLipo is one common brand of laser lipolysis.

Before You Go

Questions to ask your doctor:

  • Will CoolLipo make me skinnier?
  • How many inches can I lose with CoolLipo?
  • What can I expect my body to look like over time?

Pre-procedure prep for CoolLipo: Most invasive procedures, including CoolLipo, require a blood test two weeks prior to surgery. Aspirin, ibuprofen, steroids, and anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided within one to two weeks of surgery as well.

A week prior to treatment, it may be advisable to avoid alcohol and increase your water intake. Drink one to two quarts of water a day in preparation for surgery.

On the day of treatment: Shower on the day of surgery to cleanse your skin. Don't wear makeup, creams, or lotions. Pack loose clothing to wear home after your CoolLipo procedure.

What To Expect

CoolLipo is an outpatient procedure. During treatment, a small incision is created in the treatment area where the laser is inserted. Once the laser fiber is passed under the skin, it begins to heat up. The laser has two purposes. It initially breaks down fat so it can be removed from the body using a straw-like suctioning tube. Its secondary purpose is to stimulate collagen growth, while tightening the overlying skin. Although the recovery time for CoolLipo is shorter than that of standard tumescent liposuction, your skin will be bruised and swollen after surgery.

Who should do it: CoolLipo can be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is trained to operate the CoolLipo device.

Duration: Treatment of a single area takes an average of one hour to complete. Treatment of multiple body parts can last three hours.

How Painful Is It?

CoolLipo is performed under local anesthesia, which ensures no significant pain is felt during surgery. Tugging, pressure and stinging may be noticed as the CoolLipo laser fiber is moved back and forth under the skin.

Options for anesthesia: CoolLipo is completed using local anesthesia. Surgery on larger parts of the body may require the use of general anesthesia instead. Discuss all of your options with your physician ahead of time.

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