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Brow lift

Brow lifts reposition the underlying skin and muscles to minimize horizontal forehead creases.

Brow Lift Side Effects

Your forehead will become swollen and puffy. Your cheeks and eyes may balloon too. A brow lift can impair forehead movement on one or both sides, leaving you unable to scrunch your nose or wrinkle your brow.

Does this hurt? Not really, but this numbing side effect can be uncomfortable and last about six months. In rare cases, this side effect is permanent.

Nausea may occur after surgery, particularly after endoscopic brow lifts. This symptom lasts up to two days.

Who shouldn't use it: A brow lift won't get rid of excessive drooping eyelid skin or crow's feet. If you have blood clotting problems, a non-kickable addiction to smoking, or are prone to excessive scarring or uncontrollably high blood pressure, avoid forehead surgery.

Drawbacks: If you have a receding hairline, the scar may be more obvious (though there are scar removal techniques that can help).

Recovery Time For Brow Lift

Take a nice, steamy shower before your surgery; you'll be instructed to stay dry for two days afterwards. You'll need to clear your schedule for about two weeks, though your recovery time will depend on the type of brow lift you get.

The endoscopic brow lift, which entails just a few small incisions, requires the shortest recovery time. Stitches can be removed in about five to 10 days.

Most likely, you'll need a full two weeks before you're ready for your big debut, when a majority of post-op swelling goes down. You'll have to eliminate exercise during this time too.

After care for brow lift: Prescription pain medication is recommended for four days after surgery. After a brow lift, bandages will be taped to your forehead to minimize swelling and bruising. You may also be sent home with a thin tube tucked near the incision to drain excess blood and fluids that collect under the skin during surgery.

Keep your head propped up on pillows for two nights and stock up on ice packs. After three days, the dressings can be removed. If you wear contacts, update your glasses prescription - you won't be able to wear contacts for a week.

Pick out a good concealer beforehand, since makeup can be applied three to five days afterward to conceal any bruising. With a bit of camouflage, it may be possible to take a walk around the block.

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