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Brow lift

Brow lifts reposition the underlying skin and muscles to minimize horizontal forehead creases.

By Zeel Editorial Staff, Last updated: April 19, 2018

Your forehead wrinkles, heavy eyebrows, and lines between your eyes might make you look sleepy, annoyed, even depressed. One thing's for sure - they're not making you look any younger.

Brow lifts reposition the underlying skin and muscles to minimize horizontal forehead creases. The surgery tightens the skin and muscles of your forehead to smooth out wrinkles, open up the area above the eyelids, and create a more pleasing brow arch.

What It's Good For

The surgery can even out wrinkles that appear high up on the bridge of the nose and the vertical wrinkles between the eyes (also called the glabellas). After surgery, sagging and wrinkled brow, glabellar lines, and drooping eyelids will be reduced, lifted and tightened.

A brow lift can un-droop eyebrows, de-hood eyelids, and smooth out forehead furrows and frown lines.

Recommended Uses
Name Description Cost
Horizontal forehead wrinkles Brow lifts are intended to remove deep forehead wrinkles for patients between 40 and 70 years old, though premature aging may prompt younger individuals to seek the surgery. Although the...more A brow lift will cost $5,000 to $7,000.
Wrinkles If your wrinkles are restricted to your forehead, a brow lift may reduce forehead wrinkles. Surgery is meant to tighten the forehead skin and muscles. A brow lift cannot get rid of crow’s...more A brow lift costs between $5,000 and $8,000.

Who it works for: An endoscopic brow lift can treat mild to moderate forehead issues, like hooded eyelids and horizontal wrinkles. A coronal brow lift is optimal for patients with a low hairline, since some hair will be permanently removed. A pretrichial incision (one just behind the hair line) can be used for those individuals with high hair lines to keep hair in place.

Recommended age range: A brow lift is intended for patients in their 30s and older. Those with a particularly low brow may require surgery at an earlier age.

When will I see results?: Results of a brow lift are not immediate. It may take two to four weeks for swelling, bruising, and scarring to fade.

How long it lasts: A forehead lift can last between five and 10 years, but because the endoscopic method wasn't introduced until about 1995, there is little evidence to back up the durability of this technique (to date).

Key benefits of brow lift: Whereas a facelift reduces wrinkles on the bottom two thirds of the face, a forehead lift can address the upper third.

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