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BriteSmile is a tooth whitening process that can de-stain discolored teeth. The result: an instantly brighter grin.

BriteSmile Side Effects

Peroxide can irritate the soft tissues of the mouth and the gum line. The gel can also increase your tooth sensitivity to extreme temperatures.

Who shouldn't use it: BriteSmile is not recommended for women who are nursing or pregnant. The procedure cannot whiten veneers, crowns and bridges.

Drawbacks: BriteSmile can't be used if you have other dental or orthodontic work.

Recovery Time For BriteSmile

Normal activities—except for eating and drinking very hot or cold things, or foods that could stain teeth—can be resumed right away.

After care for BriteSmile: If you're experiencing an intolerable increase in tooth sensitivity, you can take ibuprofen. You'll want to avoid hot and cold food and drinks during the first 24 hours after your BriteSmile procedure, as well as food and drink that can potentially stain teeth (like coffee, tomato sauce and red wine).

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