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BriteSmile is a tooth whitening process that can de-stain discolored teeth. The result: an instantly brighter grin.

By Zeel Editorial Staff, Last updated: April 19, 2018

You've tried special toothpastes and swapping Pinot Noir for Pinot Grigio, but still, your smile is less than sparkly. BriteSmile is a tooth whitening process that brightens discolored teeth. During a BriteSmile procedure, a hydrogen peroxide-based gel is activated using a specialized blue light, creating a chemical reaction that bleaches your teeth.

What It's Good For

BriteSmile is a tooth whitening treatment that bleaches teeth stained both externally and internally. External discolorations appear on the face of your tooth and are caused by dye-like substances like red wine and colas, while internal graying can be seen from the inside out. Internal discoloration is usually genetic, though it can also be caused by certain antibiotics, like tetracycline, which used to be given to pregnant women. (In the U.S., this problem usually affects baby boomers.)

Who it works for: Drink enough daily espressos and your teeth will in time become tarnished. But not all tooth discoloration is brought on by a lifetime of swarthy beverage choices. For many, tooth discoloration is a genetic concern.

For others, antibiotics like tetracycline can gray teeth from the inside out. BriteSmile addresses physical stains that tarnish both the inner and outer layer of your teeth.

Recommended age range: The makers of BriteSmile recommend that patients should be at least 14 years old. Some dentists will not perform the treatment on people under the age of 21.

When will I see results?: Results of BriteSmile are immediate.

How long it lasts: Results of your BriteSmile treatment can last six months to two years before you need a touchup. This will depend on how you maintain your whiter teeth after the laser has dimmed.

Key benefits of BriteSmile: Even when used separately, hydrogen peroxide and blue light therapy have a whitening effect on teeth, but combine forces, and bleaching power is amplified. BriteSmile is also a relatively quick process, and the entire treatment can be completed in one hour.

Licensed uses: BriteSmile is licensed for tooth whitening services.

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