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Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery shrinks too-big breasts by surgically removing fat, glandular tissue (used in milk production), and skin.

Breast Reduction Side Effects

A poorly executed breast reduction can produce small, thick, and raised scars, uneven positioning of the nipples, and asymmetrical breasts. The surgery can cause changes in breast sensation. Feeling may be lost around the nipples if the surrounding nerves are detached during surgery.

Serious side effects include fever, unusual discharge from the incision site, or swelling of one or both breasts. These require immediate professional attention.

Who shouldn't use it: Women who intend on breast feeding should hold off on breast reduction surgery until after giving birth. Your milk ducts may be affected if your nipples are repositioned, inhibiting breastfeeding ability.

Drawbacks: Breast reduction may make it difficult for a woman to breast feed - a factor which should be taken in to account before committing to the surgery.

Recovery Time For Breast Reduction

Bruising and swelling can last two to three weeks. Women can often return to work after one or two weeks of rest, depending on the extent of surgery. Patients who require nipple relocation may be required to take a full two weeks off. Men can often go back after just one week.

Physical activities should also be put on hold for between two and three weeks after surgery.

After care for breast reduction: Bandages and initial protective gear can be removed within the first week. A special surgical bra can be worn to provide chest support for several weeks. Ice packs can help reduce swelling.

Do not sleep on your stomach for the first two weeks. If possible, it's best to sleep propped up on a pile of pillows. Moisturize your breasts daily, but do not lotion any taped and stitched areas - this is removed one to two weeks after surgery.

For one or two days, until the affected region is completely drained, stay out of the shower.

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