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Body wraps

Cocooning yourself into a wrap may make you feel like a mummy, but it may also stimulate circulation and ultra-moisturize your skin.

Before You Go

Nothing much needs to be done to prepare for a body wrap. You may wish to wear underwear that you don’t mind washing if you intend to keep your underthings on during the procedure.

What To Expect

First, you will undress before the body wrap. You then lie down on a table covered with whatever you’ll be wrapped in—towels, plastic, bandages, you name it. Sometimes your skin is lightly scrubbed or exfoliated before the treatment lotion is then rubbed all over your skin. Some body wraps incorporate massage into this stage of the wrap.

Your body is then wrapped up tightly for about half an hour to an hour. This stage will make you feel quite warm, especially after half an hour or so. Afterward, the body is unwrapped and rinsed again, often with a handheld shower device.