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Body scrubs

You can scrub yourself in the privacy of your own bathtub, but wouldn’t it be so much lovelier to have someone do it for you in a spa? They can reach your back too.

Before You Go

No special preparation is necessary, except perhaps for wearing or bringing a bikini.

After care for body scrubs: Simply rinse and go!

What To Expect

You’ll need to undress for your body scrub. Some people take off all their clothing, while others opt to wear a bikini or underwear. Keep in mind that the less clothing you wear, the more skin will be affected (in a good way.)

The spa therapist will apply the scrub lotion to your body, typically a mixture of an exfoliant and oil. Fragrance is often added into the scrub mix but can be omitted for people with allergies or sensitivities.

The spa therapist will then thoroughly rub your skin with a loofah or a sponge. The sensation is usually pleasant, but make sure to speak up if your skin is particularly sensitive or if the therapist scrubs too roughly.

Finally, the therapist removes the scrub material with a handheld shower device. Alternatively, you may shower yourself.