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BluePrint Cleanse

The BluePrint program is a juice fast. BluePrint followers drink only approved juices in a specified order for three to 21 days.

By Zeel Editorial Staff, Last updated: May 18, 2020

BluePrint Cleanse Overview

The BluePrint Cleanse consists of six daily bottles of freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices over a period of three days. In other words, BluePrint Cleansers swallow 20 pounds of fruits and vegetables every day for three days—in juice form.

There are three main BluePrint programs: Renovation, Foundation, and Excavation. Juicing newbies can start with the Renovation Cleanse, which is geared towards beginners with just two ""green""—vegetable based—juices per day (some find these hardest to drink because of their earthy taste). Green juices are vital to the BluePrint program. The Foundation Cleanse includes three green bottles, and Excavation has four.

Who invented it: The BluePrint Cleanse was founded by Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss. Sakoutis is a certified nutritional consultant, and Huss is a self-proclaimed "food nut." The BluePrint Cleanse was created in 2007.

Length of diet plan: The BluePrint Cleanse lasts three days. The juices go bad after a few days since they are fresh and unpasteurized. Begin cleansing on the day the juice arrives.

Most BluePrint Cleanses are between three and five days long, though some are 10 or even 21 days long. The BluePrint Cleanse creators also suggest doing one day a week.

Celebrity Devotees

The BluePrint Cleanse is a favorite of stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Szohr and Olivia Wilde. Designer Jason Wu has said he drinks the BluePrint juices a few days a week as a meal substitute.

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