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Bikram yoga

Bikram Yoga works every part of the body. The detoxifying experience improves the circulation of blood and oxygen to the joints, muscles, and organs of the body.

What are the benefits of hot yoga versus yoga in a cooler setting?

Laura Plumb (San Diego, CA) on Jan 20, 2012
Hot yoga is a trend, invented by a leading brand-maker. It is good for some, not good, potentially even dangerous, for others. The danger is overheating, over-stretching, or over-depletion, which can cause pain, injury, weakness, chronic anger, and illness. Pay attention to how you feel after your practice. If you feel calm, elevated, open, clear-minded, and steady with an even flow of energy, then you have found the class for you.
Deborah Caruana (New York, NY) on Jan 20, 2012
My advice is to try both and see which you prefer! Be sure you are hydrated, I recommend coconut water before and after class to replenish lost electrolytes. You will get headaches if you are dehydrated. Sweating in hot yoga has a cleansing effect. You'll love how it cleans your skin! Muscles stay looser and you can stretch deeper and farther because of the heat. The weight you lose is water weight, so hot yoga is not ideal for weight loss. But it's terrific for cleansing and purifying.
Isabelle Du Soleil (Venice, CA) on Jan 20, 2012
Hot yoga is great to open the body for enhanced flexibility and build inner heat in a faster way. However, it is not indicated for anyone who has heat intolerance, who is pregnant or who may need more air and oxygen during their practice. Beware of pushing your body too far in a hot yoga room. One can build inner heat in a cooler setting as well through the sun salutations, core abdominal practice and a strong Vinyasa flow yoga practice.