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Bikram yoga

Bikram Yoga works every part of the body. The detoxifying experience improves the circulation of blood and oxygen to the joints, muscles, and organs of the body.

I’ve heard that it's easy to overstretch muscles during Bikram because of the heat. How can I avoid this?

Denise Nann (New York, NY) on Jun 30, 2011
Overstretching is a possibility in many different forms of exercise, and Bikram yoga is no exception. To avoid this, it is important first to not compete in class. Many yoga students get hurt while trying to keep up with the instructor or other students. Yoga is not a competition so don’t let yourself get pressured to compete with anyone else. It is better to practice a partial pose with good form than a full pose with poor form. Try to focus on your breathing rather than how far you stretch. Listen to your own body and set personal goals. Pain is your body’s way to let you know something is wrong. Listen to it and back off. Your strength, flexibility and mental attention can vary slightly from day to day, so allow for some variation without getting concerned.