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BHA peel

One of the mildest chemical peels available, BHA peels can treat a variety of skin issues.

BHA Peel Side Effects

BHA peels can make your skin red, dry and flaky. Side effects can last three to four days.

Who shouldn't use it: If you are considering a BHA peel and have darker skin, consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon with expertise in treating your skin type. BHA peels must be performed with particular care on darker skin, since the acid solution - though gentle - is potentially strong enough to lighten your skin's pigment. Lighter skin may become even and smooth, while there could be the risk of darker skin taking on a kaleidoscope-esque appearance. The same goes for the sunburned.

BHA peels can irritate sunburned skin, so if you've recently been to the beach, you may want to schedule a later appointment. Salicylic acid taken orally can be harmful for women who are pregnant, especially past the first trimester. So, as a precaution, avoid the application of BHA peels, which contain salicylic acid, to your skin during pregnancy.

Drawbacks: Superficial chemical peels can only produce subtle changes. At least four are necessary for a difference in skin quality to be recognizable.

Recovery Time For BHA Peel

Normal daily activities can usually be resumed immediately. If you're in an industry where your looks are as important as your brain though, you may consider staying home for a day or so just until your skin's shine goes away.

After care for BHA peel: Continue to moisturize your skin repeatedly and wear sunscreen to protect the treated area. Subsequent treatments can help to maintain the results of a BHA peel. Keep the treatment site as clean as you can and avoid wearing makeup until you are given the go-ahead to reapply. If bacteria interact with freshly peeled skin, it could lead to a nasty infection.

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