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Atkins Diet

Carbohydrate control is at the core of the Atkins Diet. Individuals who are able to stick to the program experience significant weight loss and a boost in "good" cholesterol levels.

Benefits Of Atkins Diet

Probably the most notable benefit of the Atkins Diet is rapid weight loss. The removal of carbohydrates can result in the loss of up to 15 pounds (depending on how much weight there is to lose in the first place) during the first phase alone. Remember: A lot of this weight comes from water and can easily return with the consumption of carbs.

A Meat-Lover's Dream Come True

By consuming primarily protein-laden foods like steak, eggs, cheese, chicken and fish, while simultaneously removing most carbohydrates from the diet, individuals should burn fat and lose weight. Calorie counting is not on par with the diet, so that extra slab of turkey bacon should theoretically be OK.

Burn Baby Burn

Carbohydrates are the preferred source of energy for the body—but in the absence of carbs, the body will burn fat. Protein and fiber-rich vegetables boost the metabolism, so your body converts food into energy with much more efficiency.

Stabilized Blood Sugar

A study performed at Stanford University showed that, when compared with three other popular diets, Atkins followers experienced improved levels of triglycerides (unhealthy fats linked to heart disease), decreased blood pressure and weight loss. They also experienced an increase in HDL, the "good" cholesterol.

The Energizer Bunny

Foods that contain protein, (healthy) fats and fiber encourage your body to produce less insulin, which means no more midday crashes in energy. Permissible carbs, found in the form of high-fiber whole foods, should also eliminate sugar cravings.

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