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ArteFill is a dermal filler used to plump the skin and reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and lines.

ArteFill Side Effects

ArteFill may have mild, temporary side effects that include swelling, redness, hypersensitivity, temporary lumpiness, granulomas, and nodules. These can be treated with steroids and shouldn't be permanent. Some users of ArteFill have reported that the plumping has migrated to other areas of the face.

Who shouldn't use it: ArteFill should not be injected into skin with pimples, rashes, hives, infections, or cysts. Because ArteFill contains bovine (cow) protein, prospective users must have an allergy test before treatment. You should also not use ArteFill if you're allergic to lidocaine.

ArteFill is not appropriate for lip augmentation, adding definition to the vermilion border of your lips, or crow's feet.

Drawbacks: The filler contains bovine collagen, so ArteFill requires pre-injection testing. This means you cannot receive ArteFill on your initial visit to the doctor. ArteFill is a permanent filler, and the only way to reverse the effects is to surgically remove the product.

Recovery Time For ArteFill

Redness or bruising should lessen after 24 hours. Your skin may itch for 48 hours. Remember, don't scratch. For a full 24 hours after your injections, don't exercise or make sudden movements. This can cause the filler to move out of place.

After care for ArteFill: Leave the injection site alone for at least six hours. After this time you can gently wash your face with your fingers (don't scrub with a loufa or any other rough material.) Do not massage or rub the injection site for 48 hours. Natural and artificial UV exposure can increase redness and swelling, so stay in the shade and off the tanning bed for two days at the minimum.

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