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Alexandrite laser hair removal

Alexandrite lasers treat a variety of subcutaneous pigment problems as well as unwanted hair.

Before You Go

Questions to ask your doctor

Pre-procedure prep for alexandrite laser hair removal: Stay out of the sun in between treatments, since tanned skin can become discolored.

On the day of treatment: Shave the treatment site on the day of your appointment.

What To Expect

You'll be instructed to wear protective goggles that shield your eyes from the laser during treatment. The laser hand piece is passed over the areas of unwanted hair slowly, allowing enough time for the laser energy to penetrate your skin.

Who should do it: In some states, lasers can be used by nurse practitioners. Ideally, a licensed physician should be present in the room if not operating the device.

Duration: These lasers have a relatively large spot size - some devices (like the GentleLASE) have a 18 mm tip, allowing alexandrite lasers to work efficiently.

How Painful Is It?

Hair removal can be uncomfortable. If you've ever snapped a rubber band against your skin, then you have an idea of what treatment with an alexandrite laser feels like. Numbing your skin ahead of time can lessen some of this pain.

Options for anesthesia: Many physicians recommend using a topical form of lidocaine prior to treatment. This anesthetic can help to relieve some of the discomfort each time the laser is activated.

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