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Alexandrite laser vascular treatments

Alexandrite lasers that can be adjusted for use on vascular lesions include the GentleLASE and the Accolade.

Alexandrite Laser Vascular Treatments Side Effects

You may experience itching, redness, and swelling after treatment with an alexandrite laser. This typically subsides within three days.

Who shouldn't use it: Individuals with darker complexions, like a Fitzpatrick type IV, V, or VI, can experience hyper- or hypopigmentation from treatment with an alexandrite laser (darkening or lightening of the skin).

Drawbacks: Alexandrite lasers only treat existing veins. If vascular lesions re-form in the future, you'll need to return for further treatment.

Recovery Time For Alexandrite Laser Vascular Treatments

There is no recovery period after treatment with alexandrite lasers. Makeup is OK if your skin looks red.

After care for alexandrite laser vascular treatments: Keep the treatment site clean after your laser session. Avoid prolonged sun exposure in between treatments, and be sure to wear sunscreen and use oil-free moisturizers to hydrate your skin.

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