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Alexandrite laser vascular treatments

Alexandrite lasers that can be adjusted for use on vascular lesions include the GentleLASE and the Accolade.

Questions to ask your doctor

Pre-procedure prep for alexandrite laser vascular treatments: Avoid excessive sun exposure for at least a month before your appointment. Tanned skin is more likely to become discolored when using an alexandrite laser.

On the day of treatment: Make sure there are no stray hairs obstructing the treatment site. Shave on the day of your appointment if necessary.

What To Expect

During treatment, you'll be instructed to wear protective goggles that shield your eyes from the laser. The alexandrite hand piece is passed along the targeted vascular lesions, allowing enough time for the laser energy to penetrate your skin.

Who should do it: Some states allow alexandrite lasers to be operated by nurse practitioners and certified laser technicians. For vein-related concerns, it is best to entrust a board certified physician.

Duration: Small veins and contained lesions can be treated with an alexandrite laser in 20 minutes or less.

How Painful Is It?

Although treatment with an alexandrite laser can be uncomfortable, (something like a rubber band snapping against your skin) most patients say that the short treatment time makes it generally tolerable.

Options for anesthesia: Topical anesthesia is not required, but it may be a good idea if you have a low threshold for pain.

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