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Will acupuncture help my sciatica?

Florian Boschi (Beverly Hills, CA) on Aug 10, 2012
Yes acupuncture is in many cases very effective for sciatica, however there are limitations. In the event of a disc rupture or disc protrusion sometimes long-term management is called for to reduce pain and improve mobility. In case of "pseudo-sciatica" - a condition where the nerve is compromised by the piriformis muscle in the butt and not at the root where it exits the spine - total resolution of the condition is common. Give it a try. Acupuncture can be a blessing either way, and it is a viable alternative to back surgery.
David TJ Lin (Bellevue, WA) on Aug 10, 2012
Acupuncture is very effective in treating sciatica. I'd like to invite you to my clinic for a free Chinese medicine examination (usually $85) to go over your health concern.
White-Eagle Perry (Arvada, CO) on Aug 10, 2012
Absolutely. I have had great results treating sciatica with acupuncture with many patients.
Jamee Brazie'r (San Mateo, CA) on Aug 10, 2012
Acupuncture is great for sciatica. Use a topical oil for massage afterward.
Grace Chang (Oakland, CA) on Aug 10, 2012
Sciatica is one of the conditions mostly often successfully treated with acupuncture. It often involves reducing inflammation (which can be caused by toxicity or heat or both), improving the blood flow to that area, strengthening the corresponding areas of weakness and relieving imbalances of tightness/laxity.
Nilsa Compton (Charleston, SC) on Aug 10, 2012
Yes, with regular weekly treatments, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine will help relieve your sciatica. Depending on your progress, I'd estimate that you might need 6 to 12 treatments. I will assess what you need to re-balance and assist your body in healing itself.
Jacklin Arastouzadeh (Beverly Hills, CA) on Aug 10, 2012
Acupuncture is very helpful for sciatica. The problem usually comes from the lower back, so the acupuncture channels in the lower back, hips and legs need to be treated.
Robert Palermo (Denver, CO) on Aug 10, 2012
Yes, acupuncture is very effective in the treatment of sciatica. The basic method is to use distal and proximal needles. We begin with the distal needles ( ear, hand, scalp). This will relax the body and the low back area. Then we will follow up with some needles and moxibustion at the low back and the legs. When combined with healing herbs, the results can be amazing.
Sung C. Cho (Torrance, CA) on Aug 10, 2012
Sciatica is frequently treated by acupuncture. The symptoms are easy to explain but the reason behind the condition is very complicated. Put simply, sciatica means that the patient's lumbar is unstable, destabilizing surrounding muscles. To fix the problem, practitioner has to check all the patient's joints from toes to neck, as every joint affects another. With acupuncture and moxibustion, practitioner can make the lumbar stable, easing sciatica.
Aram Akopyan (Glendale, CA) on Aug 10, 2012
Yes, of course. The neurotransmitter-initiating effects of acupuncture work very well for pain, and specially neuromuscular pain. Its always best to check with your practitioner about the treatment regimen, protocols and duration. In my clinic, mild to moderate sciatica typically responds well to the first treatment. After four to six sessions we normally see resolution of up to 90 percent of the symptoms. Be aware that sciatica can flare up again if proper lifestyle changes are not made.
Leah Karpelson (Newton Highlands, MA) on Aug 10, 2012
Acupuncture is very effective at getting rid of sciatica. Needles are placed in points around the local area of pain, as well as further away on your hands and feet. With sciatica, you will most likely feel an immediate difference, though you should definitely follow up with a few more treatments to see a more lasting effect. Here is an article about acupuncture for sciatica:
Frieda Mah (Irvine, CA) on Aug 10, 2012
Yes, it can help. Sciatica pain in the hip is easier to resolve. If the pain is coming from the spine, treatment will require more needles and probably more than one session.
Richard Ki (Orange, CA) on Aug 10, 2012
Acupuncture can help reduce the pain of sciatica. Once needles are inserted in certain acupuncture points, endorphin production will increase. Acupuncture can also cause muscle relaxation. Treatment may be required long-term depending on the severity of the condition.
Teresa Green (Ashland, VA) on Sep 5, 2012
I have treated many people for sciatica, and acupuncture can definitely help. In fact, I became an acupuncturist because of chronic low back and sciatic pain following a car accident. The relief I received from acupuncture inspired me to study Chinese medicine. Expect 6 to 10 sessions at least once a week for optimal treatment. Sciatica sometimes responds immediately, but it is also common to have very little improvement until the 5th visit or later. Some people do not need maintenance after the initial pain has subsided; others find they must come in regularly to maintain the relief from pain. I highly recommend chiropractic and massage therapy along with acupuncture for this condition. When researching acupuncturists, be sure you see a licensed acupuncturist (as opposed to a chiropractor or medical doctor doing acupuncture). If they do ear and Korean Hand Therapy in addition to regular acupuncture, that is a bonus, since I have found those kinds of treatments bring relief more quickly than acupuncture alone for many patients.
Lejla Fazlicic (Lincolnwood, IL) on Aug 10, 2012
Yes, acupuncture will help your sciatica. Acupuncture, along with other modalities like cupping and electro-acupuncture, will help to restore the normal flow of qi and decrease pain.
Rudek Perez (Orlando, FL) on Aug 10, 2012
Yes, it can. I'm not saying it will, but it can. Some patients get complete relief, others get some, and some don't get any. Give it a try (at least three sessions) to see how it feels. Good luck!