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My left elbow is always inflamed with strain from my elbow, to my shoulder neck and forehead. Will acupuncture help?

Annie Porter (Scottsdale, AZ) on Jan 28, 2013
Acupuncture will certainly help reduce inflammation and pain as will herbal formulas designed to decrease inflammation and promote healthy blood flow to the area. Inflammation and strain are common complaints we see as acupuncturists and you should experience some if not complete relief.
Heidi Fu (Los Gatos, CA) on Jan 13, 2013
Yes! Acupuncture and Chinese medicine together will help. Every patient's results are different. Some patient recover faster than other.
Ellen Gong (Houston, TX) on Jan 10, 2013
Acupuncture can not only relieve the pain you are currently experiencing but it can also prevent pain from reoccuring in the future. It is especially effective for the areas involving the shoulder, neck and elbow. Acupuncture works by redirecting the Qo of the body. Research has found that several types of opioids may be released into the central nervous system during acupuncture treatments. This is an effective way in which to relieve pain. Acupuncture can also conduct electromagnetic signals. These signals may start the flow of biochemicals of the immune system to the inflamed areas. Both the FDA and the NIH highly recommend acupuncture to treat 43 types of diseases including headache, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, lumbar pain, etc. Most of the pain for patients is relieved in under 7-10 treatments in our clinic. Dr. Baisong Zhong Eastern Balance Oriental Medicine Clinic 713-922-8179
Daniel Haun (Oceanside, CA) on Jan 9, 2013
Yes it's worth a try as acupuncture can be very helpful in relieving and curing painful conditions such as yours by sending signals that will help in calming down the inflammation. It is especially nice in that acupuncture can be done in remote locations on the body that correspond with the affected site, and it won't cause any further inflammation. I’d give it at least 5 treatments.
Maria Baraybar Lee (Denver, CO) on Jan 9, 2013
Acupuncture is the best treatment for pain and inflammation I would like to know more about any trauma or any other possible causes of the pain. Please feel free to contact me at 720-275-1205 Thanks Dr Maria Baraybar
Susan Tigner (Charlotte, MI) on Jan 9, 2013
Acupuncture can be helpful in chronic pain and inflammation, but everyone is different in the results they might get from acupuncture. It is certainly worth your time to try it, as the benefits generally far outweight the risks involved, as auricular acupuncture is quick and easy.
Matthew McCabe (Tenafly, NJ) on Jan 8, 2013
yes, acupuncture treats this type of malady quite well. the muscels made need to be relaxed first before the bones can properly align.
Ed Alvarez (Chicago, IL) on Jan 8, 2013
Acupuncture will immediately reduce inflammation from an area within the first visit. You should be able to notice the difference with range of motion exercises.
Andy Ly (Sterling Heights, MI) on Jan 7, 2013
Acupuncture best known for the control of pain. Acupuncture lessen the pain of trigger pionts, it stimulation increases blood flow while at the same time triggering the activity of our own body's natural painkillers that send reinforce biochemical to heal the effected area. However, it may take time and you may need a few visits to the acupuncture clinic regularly. Micropuncture (small blood- letting)in the inflamed area is the most effective treatment along with acupuncture treatment
Kexin Bao (Rosemead, CA) on Jan 7, 2013
The problem may stem from loose muscles. In such a case, acupuncture can stimulate the muscles around your shoulder.
Neil Koppel (Lake Success, NY) on Jan 7, 2013
Acupuncture can help with local or radiating pain problems. Chiropractic on the other hand, can also help with radiating pain that starts from the neck and travels down into the shoulder arm and hand.
Wendy Stedeford (El Dorado Hills, CA) on Jan 7, 2013
Please seriously consider acupuncture as a possible tool to help. I work with people (probably daily) with the same, or similar, concerns usually with excellent results.
Clayton Woolley (Carlsbad, CA) on Jan 7, 2013
yes it will, acupuncture will allow the tissue to relax and the elbow to return to its original position,
Carlos Chapa (Mesquite, TX) on Jan 6, 2013
Yes, it can! Pain is the number one complain that most acupuncturist see. Make sure to go to a Licensed Acupuncturist that graduated from a Masters Degree program at a minimum. Most patients see results after ONE session, however eliminating all the pain may take several sessions. This depends on how long you have had the pain and how you respond to the treatments. Don't worry, the acupuncture needles are TINY and most patients don't feel the needles when inserted. Good luck!
David Chiu (New York, NY) on Jan 6, 2013
Acupuncture is great for musculoskeletal injuries and inflammation. It's always worth it to try a few treatments out.
Alex Kleyman (Brooklyn, NY) on Jan 6, 2013
From my experience, with problem like yours, it is always better to have a complex approach, meaning: PT, acupuncture and whatever else you may try. The trick here is, that ALL practitioners should do the best they can and try not to contradict each other, like: usually PT is using Cold to the painful spot(to alleviate an inflammation), while TCM is standing for Heat (to move the Blood & Qi and thus, also alleviate an inflammation. Cold in TCM leads to Blood & Qi stagnation, thus PAIN) and so forth.
Ryan Fong (Pasadena, CA) on Jan 6, 2013
Acupuncture is quite effective with reducing inflamation. Why don't you come in for a complimentary evaluation tomorrow?
Grace Rollins (Doylestown, PA) on Jan 6, 2013
Acupuncture can help to heal many conditions by boosting the overall healing ability of the body, improving circulation, lymph and nerve flow, and lowering localized inflammation and soft tissue constriction. It's impossible to guarantee results (as with any holistic medicine) but it's certainly worth a try. Specifically, I've helped to heal chronic pain in the elbow, wrist, shoulder and neck by reducing compression in the brachial plexus. Releasing the scalenes and pectoral muscles with local and indirect strategies is often effective. If your shoulders are imbalanced you may be suffering this kind of a neurovascular compression issue, which probably could be helped with acupuncture.
Shiroko Sokitch (Novato, CA) on Jan 6, 2013
I have great experience with acupuncture helping all kinds of pain. It sounds like your elbow pain is part of a problem that includes your neck and shoulder as well. Acupuncture helps by balancing the flow of energy through your pathways and allowing your body to heal inflammation. I would interview anyone you see to make sure that you like them and feel comfortable with them. All the best
Edward Gousse (New York, NY) on Jan 6, 2013
Acupuncture can help! If it were me, I would follow the same dermatomal patterns most Physiatrist use to identify if the cause of the pain has a nerve root component. Then I would treat those cervical nerves associated with the pain and/or discomfort with Electro-Acupuncture. This how I would begin to treat this disharmony.
Jason Bussell (Wilmette, IL) on Jan 6, 2013
If the shoulder is dislocated, you may need some structural work by an orthopedist. Inflammation, strains, tendonitis, and similar conditions respond very well to acupuncture. I am curious, if the shoulder really is off by two inches, how did that happen? It would normally take a pretty severe trauma (accident) to knock it out of place by that much, and if it were that out of alignment, we would expect to see limited range of motion in the shoulder joint. Without seeing it, my first suspicion is that it is strained and not really dislocated. In that case, acupuncture should be able to help you. If, however it is dislocated, you will need an orthopedist, physical therapist, and an acupuncturist for the rehab. (I needed shoulder surgery and my surgeon told me to expect a loss of 15 degrees of rotation "you won't be able to throw a ball anymore" but since I used acupuncture in my rehab, I got all my range of motion back.)
Kate Reust (Seattle, WA) on Jan 6, 2013
Shoulder/arm issues can be hard to diagnose without a full assessment. Chiropractic if with the right provider for YOU, should show effect pretty quickly. Acupuncture or any other care such as massage, may be very helpful. Kate
Frieda Mah (Irvine, CA) on Jan 6, 2013
Yes. I can help you by acupuncture treatment. After acupuncture treatment, you need go back to your chiropractor to do adjustment to position bones back into the right position. In Taiwan and China, we ( a Chinese medicine physician - but in US only be called as an acupuncturist) can do the service but not in US.
Meg Richichi (New York, NY) on Jan 6, 2013
This may be a simple answer BUT, I treat this syndrome all the time with great success. Acupuncture could potentially resolve your pain in just a few sessions!
Ta-Li Chang (La Habra, CA) on Jan 4, 2013
depend what moved 2inches. acupuncture will help but it will not move back 2 inches. (are you sure it's not 2 cm, becuase 2 inches is a major dislocation of the joint......) If you still prefer acupuncture it's better to find one that also does Tui-Na Treatment (not Massage) First of all "Make Sure what you have!