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I have lower back pain and I'm wondering if acupuncture, chiropractic, or physical therapy is the best solution.

Ashley Flores (Chicago, IL) on Jan 12, 2013
While I personally can't speak to the effectiveness of chiropractic or physical therapy for lower back pain, I have seen most cases of back pain resolve quite effectively with acupuncture. Acupuncture has a large body of research showing effectiveness for back pain, and has a remarkable ability to release spasm and relieve muscular tension. Many acupuncturists are also trained in Tui Na, Chinese massage therapy, and may be able to include this in your treatment for the best results.
Nilsa Compton (Charleston, SC) on Jan 8, 2013
Acupuncture deals effectively with body pain, and low back pain is so very common. Are you doing exercises to strengthen your core and lower back? That in conjunction with regular acupuncture treatments could bring relief.
Lawrence Bagnell (Langhorne, PA) on Jan 8, 2013
Determining the cause is first priority. An extensive examination X-rays or MRI will give the treating professional better insight on your problem. Acupuncture works on normalizing points within your body which allows for balance. Physical therapy if using modalities works on reducing inflammation and pain reduction in some part; also they may offer stretches with exercises. Chiropractic works on determining the cause of your lower back pain by and evaluation that may include x-rays or MRI. Once the cause is determined and it’s not severe they would work by fine tuning the mobility and balance of your spine and posture (They would move bones removing nerve pressure). All professions you have mentioned have something to contribute in helping you with your low back pain. Don’t wait for it to go away for it may come back tenfold.
Lawrence Bagnell (Langhorne, PA) on Jan 8, 2013
Determining the cause is first priority. An extensive examination X-rays or MRI will give the treating professional better insight on your problem. Acupuncture works on normalizing points within your body which allows for balance. Physical therapy if using modalities works on reducing inflammation and pain reduction in some part; also they may offer stretches with exercises. Chiropractic works on determining the cause of your lower back pain by and evaluation that may include x-rays or MRI. Once the cause is determined and it’s not severe they would work by fine tuning the mobility and balance of your spine and posture (They would move bones removing nerve pressure). All professions you have mentioned have something to contribute in helping you with your low back pain. Don’t wait for it to go away for it may come back tenfold.
Carlos Chapa (Mesquite, TX) on Jan 6, 2013
Yes! Chronic back pain is probably the #1 complaint that most Acupuncturist see and treat. However, we do NOT simply focus on the back pain. Your practitioner will want to treat the root cause. This can be a vitamin deficiency, a weak organ or a muscle strain. Eastern Medicine has treated billions of patients for thousands of years. Pharmacological drugs and steroids are not the only option. Side effects, dependency and not treating the ROOT cause and only the symptoms is not the way to cure these problems. Don't be surprised if your Doctor brings up your diet and will probably recommend some diet changes. Make sure you go to a Licensed Acupuncturist (not certified) that has graduated from at least a Masters Degree program. Every state is different and some require little to no exams or training.
Shiroko Sokitch (Novato, CA) on Jan 6, 2013
I think that lower back pain may need all three modalities at different times. Chiropractic helps get your bones and tissues in alignment. Physical Therapy helps strengthen the support for your spine and you should make sure you know the proper exercise for your condition. Acupuncture opens the energy pathways and allows your body to heal the injury.
David Friedman (Phoenix, AZ) on Jan 6, 2013
Chiropractic together with some intermittent traction and some cold laser therapy would be very effective.
Andrew Waitkevich (Philadelphia, PA) on Nov 13, 2012
I would recommend trying chiropractic care next. It will help restore flexibility and range of motion. It is safe and effective in treating lower back pain. Call us to schedule!
Isaac Nef (Glendale, CA) on Oct 23, 2012
The best treatment for low back pain and tightness is a combination of acupuncture and physical therapy. The acupuncture will reduce the pain and loosen those tight muscles, while the physical therapy will help you to develope better posture habits and strengthen the muscles that wil support your back to reduce future re-occurance.
Frederick Schurger (Springfield, IL) on Oct 22, 2012
Chiropractic care is one of the best things you can do for your health. In the case of low back pain, it is superior to both medicine and physical therapy, as those under Chiropractic care have less recurrence and disability than either medicine or physical therapy (1), about 3 times less. (1) Health Maintenance Care in Work-related Low Back Pain and its association with Disability Recurrence, J Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 3/14/2011, Vol 197
Philip O'Brien (Bethlehem, PA) on Oct 22, 2012
I would suggest starting with a chiropractic physician that is well educated in rehabilitation or a physical therapist. Low back pain is something that my practice specializes in as well as something I treat daily. You are suffering from a mechanical dysfunction. If the muscles are tight, there will most likely be a non-detrimental joint issue as well. Mechanical problems need mechanical solutions so go and see someone who performs physical medicine.
Henry Hom (San Francisco, CA) on Oct 19, 2012
One of the most sort after treatments for an acupuncturist is for lower back pain. There is a high success rate with acupuncture. Chiropractic adjustments is also successful. A combination of therapies can augment each other.
Jin Kim (Winter Park, FL) on Oct 23, 2012
Lower Back Pain is one of the most complicated conditions. I brought few different method depends on your condition. I hope it can help you.. but To insert needle on your body, means to set a treatment plan... I must see you and give you one specified answers for your condition.. Acupuncture & Herbs go together in most of cases to help patients like medications & surgeries. Lower Back Problem Symptom: Hard to bend down or backward Cause: Disharmony of the liver and gall bladder Grains: Red Bean, Barley, Yellow Corn; Consume equal amounts of each grain every meal for 6 months. Exercise: hula hoop till your body gets warm, for 15mins 3 times per day. Symptom: Hard to sit for long periods of time Cause; Weakness of auto-immune system & metabolism is one of the causes by exposing lower back region to cold circumstance. Grains: White Rice, Sorghum, Yellow Corn; Consume equal amounts of each grain every meal for 6 months. Exercise: hula hoop & rotating shoulders till your body gets warm, for 15mins 3 times per day. Symptom: Hard to stand for long periods of time Cause; Weakness of kidney and bladder can be caused by delivering babies and/or excessive intercourse. Grains: White Rice, Black Bean, Yellow Corn; Consume equal amounts of each grain every meal for 6 months. Exercise: hula hoop till your body gets warm, for 15mins 3 times per day. Sage the Wellness Center does not make continuous improvement because of the resistance of disease: you will feel very good right after treatment, but you could feel that your symptoms get worse(not necessary) on the next day of your acupuncture treatment. Don't worry! It is just the right amount of time to improve your condition. This is the exact opposite way your health decreases because of your body's natural healing power.
Kurt Bryant (Diamond Bar, CA) on Oct 17, 2012
Although there are great benefits from many treatments out there, a combination of many of these treatments usually is a better choice. Low back pain is usually caused by a structural change to the joints in the back. This causes irritation to the nerves which can also cause muscle spasms. While massage is great at reducing the spasm, if the changes to your bones are causing that spasm, the massage benefit will only be temporary. A chiropractic treatment will move the spine back into place allowing the muscle to finally be able to relax and stay that way. Chiropractic is the only treatment that will physically move your bones back to where they need to be to allow your nervous system to work like it should thus allowing you to get back to optimal health.
Misty Blomquist (Lombard, IL) on Oct 17, 2012
As an Acupuncturist I have worked with many people who suffered from low back pain (acute and chronic conditions). In many cases patients noticed a decrease in pain or complete relief after only a few treatments. Each patient's healing response is different so I cannot say what form of therapy is the best solution. But I believe that Acupuncture can be one form of treatment that can effectively treat your back pain.
Marco Di Bonaventura (King Of Prussia, PA) on Oct 17, 2012
With any chronic pain concern, including lower back pain, there is always a physiological organ imbalance which Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine work superbly. With an initial evalution and consultation, an experienced Acupuncturist should be able to recognize if they can handle the work independently or with the help of another health provider.
Jeffrey Lewis (Corpus Christi, TX) on Oct 16, 2012
I would try chiropractic. It appears that you may have a spinal biomechanical problem with your pelvic bones ( pelvic dysfunction). While you are on your back have someone check your leg length. You will notice one leg is shorter by a 1/2-3/4 of an inch. This imbalance causes unequal weight distribution in the lower back causing lower back pain and excessive wear on the hip. Have you ever woundered why people only get one hip replaced as they get older? Both hips are the same age. Most common answer, (one hip has more weight on it causing excessive wear).
Nicholas Carlisle (Atlanta, GA) on Oct 16, 2012
Generally speaking, assuming that your lower back pain is not from a underlying illness, all three can help you. Especially a chiropractor that uses physical therapy modalities in his office.
Lisa Lapwing (Austin, TX) on Oct 16, 2012
Acupuncture can loosen tight muscles and increase circulation which can vastly improve a sore low back. It can also reduce inflammation. It is always best to have a doctor check to be sure there is no underlying condition. And sometimes, we need a team to help us feel better!! So if after 4-6 acupuncture treatments your back isn't better, you may need to get another massage, see a chiropractor and incoorporate a physical therapist or personal trainer supervised exercise program.
Lejla Fazlicic (Lincolnwood, IL) on Oct 16, 2012
Hi, Each of the modalityies that you mention can help to manage your's Low Back Pain. If you know cause of the pain it will be much easier to answer to you question. Please let me know if you have any more questions and it will be my pleasure to answer. Lejla Fazlicic L.Ac NADA Specialist
Sejin Lee (Fullerton, CA) on Oct 16, 2012
Acupuncture is the best solution for lower back pain.
Steve Snyder (Portland, OR) on Oct 16, 2012
I can only speak for Acupuncture, but it helps to loosen muscles and tight muscles can cause low back pain by pulling on the spine. Acupuncture causes the brain to release seritonin & endorphins ( which decrease Pain). if you decide to try Acupuncture try a small series, don't think of it as a one time treatment.
Alex Shpigel (San Diego, CA) on Oct 15, 2012
I dont think there is a "best" solution. Everybody is different and responds to different therapy's differently. I find that a combination is the best approach.
Heather Carter (Conshohocken, PA) on Oct 15, 2012
A chiropractor will be able to provide you with a full physical examination to determine the best course of treatment for your low back.
Shohreh Younessian Pedouim (Los Angeles, CA) on Oct 15, 2012
I am an acupuncturist and master herbalist. Many of my patients have low back pain . but first you have to get an XRAY or an MRI , I always like to rule out the worst and also get an idea of the anatomy of the vertebrae. stress, discs dislocation and many other reasons could cause lowback pain which acupuncture will do miracle on them especially if you take herbal medicine with the regular acu. treatment.
Chang Oh (Stevenson Ranch, CA) on Oct 15, 2012
depends on how bad your lower back pain is... also need to examine you to tell you more acurate information. If you have disc herniation, you need to take this seriously & act now. If you do not have disc herniation, acupuncture & moxibustion can help a lot. Not only the treatments are important, but also your daily acitivity is important.
Daniel Haun (Oceanside, CA) on Oct 15, 2012
Acupuncture and cupping can both be very helpful in reducing the soft tissue inflammation that you are experiencing with the back pain. I find that the response tends to be pretty quick before the patients see a difference. If on the other hand, this is a disk problem I would urge you to see a chiropractor and maybe a PT in addition to the acupuncture as the latter will help loosen you up before you undergo an adjustment or exercises.
Chinh Le (Rockville, MD) on Oct 15, 2012
If you back in tight, you need to get it to loosen up with stretching and mobilization by a physical therapist. Massage will not get the tightness out. You need to get it mobilized.
Robinson Le (San Mateo, CA) on Oct 16, 2012
Either of those seem to have great and longer lasting outcome for back pain, as compared with medicine alone. To better resolve your problem permanently and quickly, we need to find out what the cause of your back pain is and where is it stemming from. If its more biomechanically related (prolong sitting/bending, lifting, accident, etc), then that component must be addressed. In that case, chiropractic will be most beneficial. If you woke up sore and/or if there's no major mechanism of injury and the pain seems more "muscular" related, then IMO either massage and/or acupuncture can help greatly. IMO, and I say this because I work with physical therapists, after the biomechanics have been addressed, and there's still conditioning/strengthening then physical therapy would be great at rehab-ing the area. But if the biomechanics have not been fully addressed, then PT may prolong your back pain because it is not yet ready for rehab. Would you paint a dented car before you pull, fix, and align the fenders? Feel free to call or email if you have more questions. Would love to help any way I can.
Chad Clark (Pueblo, CO) on Oct 15, 2012
I am going to say all/any of the three options can help. I would suggest that physical therapy would be the best option considering you appear to be headed towards an active way to properly get stronger and more mobile. Physical therapy provides revolutionary and fast acting pain relief and functional enhancement. No drugs. No needles. No side effects.
Ryan Smith (Seattle, WA) on Oct 15, 2012
All three can be effective. Being a chiropractor, I know that chiropractic care is very helpful for low back pain. Part of the treatment at our office is to go over specific rehab exercises for patients to do between their adjustments. If a more aggressive rehab is needed, then we refer the patient out to receive physical therapy in conjunction with chiropractic care. There are some people that have had great results with acupuncture, but in my experience, chiropractic and physical therapy are more beneficial.
Elizabeth Stephenson (Daytona Beach, FL) on Oct 15, 2012
Acupuncture is an effective method of treatment for lower back pain. In a 2009 study conducted by the Group Health Center for Health Studies in Seattle, acupuncture and eastern treatments for chronic back pain were compared with western methods such as physical therapy and pain medications. This study was funded by the National Institute of Health and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The study concluded that 60% of chronic back pain patients experienced "meaningful improvement" with acupuncture. Only 39% of study participants expressed this type of improvement with physical therapy or pain medication. Based on the result of this research, I would encourage you to try acupuncture treatment for your lower back pain. WebMD has an excellent, easy to read article that summarizes the details of this study. You can read it yourself at:
Michele Louiselle (Bradenton, FL) on Oct 15, 2012
Acupuncture is very effective for pain syndromes by way of reducing inflammation which is the root cause of the pain. People live with disc problems every day and don't necessarily experience pain because they do not have inflammation. Micro current and cupping therapies are also used by acupuncturists and are also very effective.
Lawson Sealey (Newport Beach, CA) on Oct 15, 2012
No doubt that a massage feels great but let me guess, the relief only lasts about a day or so. The reason is that most of the treatment prescribed out there such as massage, pain medication, and injections are targeting the symptoms only and not addressing the root of the problem which is along the spinal column. Don't misunderstand, all of these therapies are necessary throughout particular treatment plans, but not in an isolated manner. Physical therapy can also be effective, but more into the later stages of treatment when engaging in rehabilitation and strengthening. Chiropractic therapy should be the main driving force for recovery from lower back pain. The majority of lower back pain out there is due to moderate spinal misalignment and/or trauma along the column including disc bulges, nerve impingement, canal narrowing, and degeneration. These ailments need to be differentiated early on which typically requires a full examination and, at minimum, spinal X-rays. This way you can get a proper and accurate diagnosis and begin a treatment plan to include muscle relaxation, increased circulation, lymphatic drainage, nerve stimulation, and realignment of the spinal column. These treatments need to be applied in conjunction of each other and not on an isolated basis. When your spinal column, the root of the problem, is corrected, the pain will diminish and proper function may resume. In the few circumstances where there is no relief from uninvasive therapy, a surgical consult would be recommended.
Terry Kahn (Port Orange, FL) on Oct 15, 2012
You are not alone. 8 out of 10 people have experienced back pain. Our spine is made up of 24 movable bones called vertebrea. They are stacked one on top of an other and surround the spinal cord. Nerves branch off of the cord and exit through the openings between these vertebrea. The nerves go to every part of your body including muscles, joints and organ systems, as well as back to the spine itself. If these spinal bones are in proper alignment so that the nerves exit without any interference, your back and the rest of your body can work the way it is supposed to. However, if a vertebra is out of alignment causing pressure on the nerve, it interfers with proper function, motion and our ability to perform normal daily activities. Frequently, spinal muscles will tighten up around the involved area to protect the area of distress or damage. A spine out of balance is a weakened spine. The more we use a weakened spine, the worse it becomes. This misalignment is called a Vertebral Subluxation. A Chiropractor is the only healthcare professional trained to detect, locate and correct these Subluxations. By removing the nerve interference through a Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment, restoring balance and function, allows the natural healing ability of the body to express life and function properly. Chiropractic is safe and effective for all ages. Taking care of our spine is something that is important for everyone throughout our life!
Mindy Weingarten (Port Orange, FL) on Oct 15, 2012
From the chiropractic point of view it must first be understood that the low back pain is not the problem is is the signal that something is not working correctly. So when you seek chiropractic care we are looking for the cause and do not TREAT symptoms but rather help you correct the cause. A chiropractic evaluation is performed looking for subluxation(vertebra not in proper alignment and interfering with normal nerve communication) to the spine. So pain tightness is your body's way to tell you to do something to find out why you have this. It is not to cover up the symptom.
Mike DeCubellis (Downers Grove, IL) on Oct 15, 2012
Chiropractic may be able to help, but it would be important to have an exam first to determine what is going on. Low back pain is caused by may different issues, and it is important to verify the cause to get to the proper treatment
Yaphet Hill (Houston, TX) on Oct 15, 2012
Chiropractic and physical therapy would be a great combination to help resolve you lower back issues. A consultation and an examination would be in order to determine the most effective solution to your problem.
Karl Giljum (San Francisco, CA) on Oct 15, 2012
One of the most important problems that you need resolved is to get a proper diagnosis for your pain. Of the three treatment options you have been considering only a chiropractor can make a diagnosis and thus help you get a more appropriate diagnosis. There are also numerous published studies to show the effectiveness of chiropractic care in the treatment of low back and other pains. Exercise is an essential part of the treatment plan in any chronic low back pain problem. Most chiropractors will routinely offer you advise on this matter or you can be refered to a physical therapist for an exercise routine that feels most appropriate for your condition. As to acupuncture, the literature is very limited in in showing response to care that is more than placebo. You may be interested in going on line and logging into Then typing in the key words acupuncture and placebo. This search should give you the lasted information on this topic. If you wish to seek out acupunture, please get a referral from an appropriate health professional (M.D., D.C. or D.O.). I wish you the best of luck in finding a reponse to your question.
Josh Wagner (New York, NY) on Oct 15, 2012
This is a very common concern and question. Here is the real question though: If you have persistent muscle pain in the back, is it a muscle issue, or a nerve issue? Muscle issues tend to resolve themselves within a week or 2, and massage is great for this. If it goes beyond this point, it is most likely an underlying nerve issue stemming from the spine, and only chiropractors deal with this. Look for a quality chiropractor based on personal referral or reviews online if you are looking for something stronger and more effective. Best, Dr Josh Wagner
Maria Baraybar Lee (Denver, CO) on Oct 15, 2012
Acupuncture relieve pain, tightness, inflammation, swollen tissues/joints. It stimulates your body to produce more endorphins which help with all the issues listed above. We will be happy to see you for a free consultation.
Rudek Perez (Orlando, FL) on Oct 15, 2012
Yes, all this modalities can help with low back pain, but they are different. Physical therapy most of the time add exercises to the treatment so it is good for pain due to muscle imbalances and muscle weakness. Chiropractic addresses more subluxations, where the spine/vertebra are out of place and need to be adjusted back in place. Acupuncture deal more with the soft tissue/muscles and the energetic aspect of the pain, stress, emotions and imbalances withing your mental/physical/spiritual body. Sometimes some type of combination of this 3 is needed and the best approach, depends on each individual case but that could be determine by one of the above professionals.
Andrea Schnowske (Peoria, IL) on Oct 15, 2012
Low back pain is usually caused from a number of different factors that are related. For the most part the bones of the lumbar spine and pelvis move out of place which not only puts pressure on a nerve and effects body function but the bone misalignment can also pull on muscles and cause them to tighten. My suggestion would be to visit a chiropractor first because the real cause of the problem is the bone misalignment and if not corrected will continue to recur. Depending on which state you live in, many chiropractors are able to provide therapeutic therapies and many may be licensed to practice acupuncture as well. So you might be recommended to get a combination treatment of all three for best results.
Steven Thomas (Baltimore, OH) on Oct 15, 2012
Chiropractors are considered low back pain specialists, so your first portal of entry would be in this direction. After an appropriate diagnosis, treatment should include one or all of the above.
Aaron Flickstein (Edina, MN) on Oct 15, 2012
Chiropractors may be cross trained in Acupuncture, such as myself; especially members of the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK). If you are de-conditioned you may require both rehab exercises and care to restore your back to pain free function. While physical therapy is often good on rehab, many Chiropractors are as well. What a Chiropractor can do that neither of the others is trained to do is find the segments of your spine that are not moving well and contributing to your pain and restore their motion to normal. One who is ICAK trained can do all 3-spinal motion, rehab abd acupuncture.
Jane Torrie (Denton, TX) on Oct 14, 2012
In terms of treatment for low back pain, getting Chiropractic care is often very beneficial. Whoever you see will do an evaluation to be sure that the condition you have is one that will respond to the type of treatment. Generally, spinal misalignment, muscle issues, disc sprains and "pinched nerves" will all respond well to Chiropractic care. Good luck in seeking treatment.
Annie Porter (Scottsdale, AZ) on Oct 14, 2012
As an acupuncturist, one of the most common ailments I treat is lower back pain. I find that my clients experience a significant reduction in pain. Sometimes they notice an immediate improvement after one treatment and sometimes it takes 3-5 treatments. Overall, I have seen many clients improve dramatically and they are then able to get back to their lives and resume their activities.
Nanette Hale (Albuquerque, NM) on Oct 15, 2012
All of these modalities are complementary and work well together, but I'll give my answer based on acupuncture since that is my specialty. Acupuncture works by insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body. It sends a message to brain to release endorphins, the body's natural pain-killer, to reduce inflammation and swelling in the targeted areas. Treatments help move out "stuck energy" or in Traditional Chinese Medical terms, "Qi or blood stagnation," which is the cause the pain and makes the back really tight. Acupuncture helps promote normal blood flow in tight or painful muscles and ligaments, and softens them to allow for increased range of motion. Treatments heal by resolving pain, not suppressing it! Acupuncture treatments are cumulative, so it's important to do a few treatments close together at first, and then assess the condition at about the 4th treatment. Everyone is different and responds differently, so the practitioner has to assess the follow-up treatments based on the severity and duration of the pain.
Ta-Li Chang (La Habra, CA) on Oct 14, 2012
All three type of treatment can work for low back discomfort. First is to find out if there are any problems with the spine. then you can have acupuncture treatments to help with muscle tightness/pain/discomfort. then have Chiropractor to do some adjustment/traction sessions to make sure the spine is not too compressed. then have Physical Therapy sessions to strenthen the muscles. or you can fine acupuncturist who can do all three.
Kate Reust (Seattle, WA) on Oct 14, 2012
Evening .. Low back pain may be from an injury, stress due to posture or may come from leg/foot positioning. You need to find out what is causing the pain to get a best recommendation on the type of therapy that is best for YOU. A Chiropractor may automatically lean to adjustments. I'd Not do physical therapy without a good understanding of the cause and more professional recommendation after evaluation. Massage is often a good place to start. You may also find that working initially with say a Feldankraise practitioner is the perfect solution. I can recommend several in the greater Seattle area if you need. Regards, Kate Reust Omsho Crysalis . Com
Kathleen Rosenblatt (Los Angeles, CA) on Oct 14, 2012
Acupuncture is excellent alone or combined with Chiropractic and PT. All of those modalities play an important role. I think Acupuncture goes the deepest into getting to the cause of back pain beyond the positioning of the spine. It works on all the systems and finds the weakness 'upstream' that leads to calcification or low adrenals that weaken the back. Sometimes directed heat is powerful to stimulate a particular point on the spine. I apply massage from the neck to the toes to relax the whole line.
Dale Tope (Pflugerville, TX) on Oct 14, 2012
As a Licensed Acupuncturist, I've treated hundreds of lower back pain cases and most are fully resolved within 6 to 8 visits. Many are resolved sooner, and I can't recall anyone who took more than that duration to get their long-term pain level to zero. I typically utilize distal acupuncture, local electroacupuncture, infrared heat, and Chinese herbal formulas and topicals in the treatment regimen. You will get significant pain relief on the first treatment, and the effects become longer lasting with each treatment.
Christopher Serrell (Westminster, CO) on Oct 14, 2012
The most common reason people come in to see acupuncturists is for back pain. Make an appointment.
Christopher Serrell (Westminster, CO) on Oct 14, 2012
The most common reason people come in to see acupuncturists is for back pain. Make an appointment.
Adi Barad (Winnetka, IL) on Oct 14, 2012
Acupuncture and chiropractic can both alleviate most lower back pain on a case to case basis. I have been treating many patients with lower back pain with acupuncture and nutritional supplements with good results. I would be happy to offer you a free phone consultation. You can reach me at 847-922-4039 Thank you, Adi Barad, LAc.
David Leonard (Raymore, MO) on Oct 14, 2012
Are you kidding?? Of course chiropractic will work, go to an accomplished doctor---read his/her bio--you want someone who will do stretches and soft tissue work as well.
Ronald Greenawalt (Las Vegas, NV) on Oct 14, 2012
Chiropractic is a very conservative and a very good start to determine what skeletal imbalances are occurring contributing to your lower back pain. We are comprehensive at looking at all the possible contributing factors including the physical, biochemical and emotional components by utilizing Applied Kinesiology techniques that include chiropractic, neurolink, and body talk evaluations. You have to treat specifically for who you are and how you have ended up with these symptoms. Dr Greenawalt
Nathan Conlee (Tucson, AZ) on Oct 14, 2012
I treat lowback pain daily successfully with gentle Chiropractic manipulation, Acupuncture, physiotherapudic modalities like ultrasound, electrical muscle stim, and kinesotaping. It is very important the correct diagnosis is made to use the proper protocols. Is it a disc injury? A muscle strain? Ligament sprain?, Functional imbalance? Old injuries?
Harrison Darling (Pasadena, CA) on Oct 14, 2012
Let me start by saying that I'm a chiropractor, so that's what I know best. Acupuncture, PT and chiropractic are all valid treatments for back pain, and work best in concert with each other - there is no "best" solution, only what works for your situation best. That being said, the reason you should look into chiropractic is that it deals with the foundation of your body - the skeleton. When your joints are out of alignment the other structures of the body (in your case, the musculature) is being recruited to stabilize what isn't working. This puts a lot of tension on the muscles who are now doing a job they weren't meant to do, and it's stressing them out. Get that foundation corrected, and the muscles don't have to work so hard to keep it all together (as it were) and they can relax. That's the theory, anyway, and I've seen it work countless times. I never dismiss other schools of thought, nor do I ever claim chiropractic is better...but I can tell you it works. That I do know for a fact. Hope this helps!
Sayel Fakhoury (Tarzana, CA) on Oct 14, 2012
Yes we can help you. Chiropractic helps with any condition becasue it focuses on checking and balancing your spine. Your nervous system is the master controller of your body, and it housed in your spine. When your spine is out of alignment due to physical, mental, or chemical stress, it causes interference on the nerves in your back. The only way to remove that interference, called subluxation, is through a chiropractic adjustment. This removes the interference and allows your body to function at its optimal level.
Lara McMahon (Brighton, MI) on Oct 14, 2012
Physical therapy will not solve the possible underlying spinal problem. Chiropractic works with the body and allows it to heal naturally. You wouldn't work your arm out after you broke it, you would set the bone first, let it heal, then work on strengthening it. Chiropractic can locate the cause of your issue, fix it, and then if physical therapy is needed, can then help strengthen.
Janette Asaro Pena (Holmes, NY) on Oct 14, 2012
Chiropractors are the considered the experts on low back pain. A Chiropractor can diagnose the problem and treat it, give you stretches and exercises as necessary. They can prescribe xray and MRI if needed and also refer to physical therapy and acupuncture if either would be beneficial.
Al Foroushani (Wyckoff, NJ) on Oct 14, 2012
Hi. If the problem has not gone away within two weeks, you need to pursue care. Many different causes could be at work... At a minimum I would get an exam and if warranted with a MRI. Then you can really find the right provider. Good luck
Mark Kemenosh (Laurel Springs, NJ) on Oct 14, 2012
Ouse and do active release with subtle chiropractic usually wake the hip rotators and they will soften pressure on the low back
Jason Bussell (Wilmette, IL) on Oct 14, 2012
I am biased, but I think acupuncture is a better choice to start with than chiropractic. It is less risky. We see back pain all the time in our practice and 90% of patients experience relief. Physical therapy can be useful as an adjunct, especially if there is underlying weakness that causes recurrent back pain. If it does not respond to acupuncture, then I would add PT, and if that still did not work, I would try chiropractic. Then I would try Feldenkreis, reiki, healing touch, and EVERYTHING ELSE before considering surgery.
David Mancini (Minneapolis, MN) on Oct 14, 2012
All could be beneficial, but you need a true diagnosis of the cause of your pain before determining what type of treatment to be the most effective. A lot depends on the type of pain you are experiencing (ie dull, achy, sharp, shooting, numbness and tingling) and if there was any type of trauma related to when you first experienced the symptoms. Can you give me some more input including the above details...
Claire Marquinez (Lutz, FL) on Oct 14, 2012
Physical therapy would be your best solution as it is a combination of treatment methods that help relieve muscle spasm/stiffness, increase range of motion/strength and decrease pain. Physical therapists use modalities (examples are ice, heat, electric stim), hands-on treatment (manual therapy), and therapeutic exercises/activities. Physical therapy would help relieve your lower back pain so you can resume your normal, everyday life.
Dr. Jeffrey Roistacher (Raleigh, NC) on Oct 14, 2012
Massage does a great job when the issue is only muscular. In my practice I have found the combination of chiropractic and PT to work wonders.
David Hendrickson (Tacoma, WA) on Oct 14, 2012
Often times the muscles are tight to protect a misaligned spine. As a chiropractor I look for these misalignments and adjust them to help the body get back to it's healthy state. With computer scanning and other testing we can determine if this is the cause of the tightness and if so start to correct the problem. If not then a referral to physical therapy or acupuncture would be next Dr. David Hendrickson 253 472-4400