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Can acupuncture really take care of fibroids and infertility. how long does it take?

Leah Karpelson (Newton Highlands, MA) on Sep 5, 2012
It's hard to say how long it would take for you. You would have to go in for a few treatments, to assess what the root of the problem is, as well as to determine how your body responds to the acupuncture. In the case of infertility, go for at least three months, just to regulate your cycle and then begin to work on the infertility. To answer your question, however, acupuncture can definitely help with fibroids and infertility.
Frieda Mah (Irvine, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
It really depends on the individual, and herbs may be needed.
Toni King (Port Chester, NY) on Sep 5, 2012
The short answer is yes, acupuncture can help. Fibroids tend to be complicated things. As with many other health issues they tend to have more than one cause. In oriental medicine there is no "one size fits all" treatment, so your Acupuncturist will have to evaluate you to see what is going on in your particular case. Only then can a suitable treatment be crafted for you. Fibroids are considered to be caused by stagnation in the body. Depending on their location, they may be directly related to the flow of liver Qi, and many consider them to be a type of "phlegm nodule". Phlegm nodules are slow to break up, and your acupuncturist may use herbs to speed the process. The use of a "tiger warmer" to heat and massage certain acupuncture points on a daily basis may also get rid of those pesky fibroids sooner. Please be aware that caffeine has been known to make fibroids worse, so avoid caffeine if you have fibroids. It is in everything- so read the labels! If you are close to menopause, those fibroids will very probably shrink or disappear altogether once you enter the change, something to think about if you are considering surgery and are close to the change of life. Surgery is costly, painful, and may cause other health problems down the line. Mind you, I am not saying that surgery is a bad thing if you need it, but please consider all of your options, and try the less invasive ones first before you let someone cut you and permanently alter your body. Infertility is also a very individual thing. Again, your acupuncturist will have to evaluate you. I generally tell people to give me 4 months of weekly treatments to balance out the body and hormones, and make a nice non-toxic "home" for the fetus. During this time, we will also evaluate other factors of your life that may be having a negative impact and give advice on how to maximize your conception potential. Sometimes both the prospective mom and prospective dad need treatments to help maximize chances of conceiving. Appropriate herbs may also be given to gently balance the body. If you are trying in vitro, acupuncture has been proven to greatly enhance your chances of conception through that method. Just don't wait until you are ready for the procedure to contact an acupuncturist.
Adi Barad (Winnetka, IL) on Sep 5, 2012
Acupuncture can help in regulating many of our body's systems. By moving energy and blood, acupuncture can help with fibroids and infertility.
Ta-Li Chang (La Habra, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
It can help, but you will really need to take herbs. Acupuncture by itself is not enough for most people.
Monica Roslow (Red Hook, NY) on Sep 5, 2012
Acupuncture is not going to cause a fibroid to disappear, but it can help with some of the things that go along with fibroids, such as excess or irregular menstrual bleeding. There are many causes of infertility. Acupuncture can be very helpful in many of those cases. It is also proven to improve the success rates of IVF and IUI. Bear in mind that acupuncture is a highly individualized therapy, and every patient is treated based on their particular makeup and issues. As for timing, your acupuncturist may ask you to not try to become pregnant for a few months while the underlying causes are addressed, so the whole process could take 4-6 months or longer.
Crystal Dmytryk (New York, NY) on Sep 5, 2012
Yes, yes and yes. Time in these cases varies from person to person. Fibroids can be addressed with varying results, depending on the size of the fibroids and how much you are willing to modify your diet and lifestyle. Smaller fibroids can easily be dealt with. Larger fibroids can be reduced, though usually not eliminated entirely. Acupuncture can also help slow or stop the growth of larger fibroids and deal with their side effects, like bleeding. Fertility acupuncture treatment needs at least a three month commitment, as egg quality is usually not affected for at least three months. In addition, regulating menstrual cycles and improving hormone balance takes multiple cycles.
Simon Nelson (North Hollywood, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
I personally treated two female patients. They both got pregnant. Each case is individual. Regarding fibroids, please consult an experienced Chinese herbalist.
Nanette Hale (Albuquerque, NM) on Sep 5, 2012
Yes, acupuncture can help resolve fibroids and infertility. In my experience, it takes at least 3-5 months of weekly acupuncture treatments (about 3-5 menstrual cycles), and customized herbal support. This helps the body break the physical stagnation (fibroid) and allows better fertility.
Jennifer Aubert (San Francisco, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
Acupuncture has been shown to have great efficacy in the treatment of both fibroids and infertility. Of course, it all depends on several factors, like the size of the fibroids and the cause of the infertility. The larger the fibroids, the more stubborn they are. The time of treatment depends on the specifics of your case, other compounding factors and your underlying constitution. Acupuncture treatments are geared specifically to the individual and no two people (even with the exact same diagnosis) are alike. I wish I could provide you with specific information but it would be irresponsible of me to even throw out estimates without a full medical intake. Best of luck.
Kim Vandeveer (Rohnert Park, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
Much depends on long you had your condition and the size of your fibroids. Treatment can take anywhere from 3 months to a year, since your cycle occurs once a month.
Katalin Csoka (Mission Viejo, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
As a general rule of thumb, for every year you have had a condition, you need one month of treatment. Much depends on the individual and any concurrent herbal treatment.
Richard Ki (Orange, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
Acupuncture and herbal treatments have helped many women with fibroids and infertility. In case of infertility, we recommend keeping the abdomen warm all the time with a heat pack or warming pack.
Linda Phelps (Seattle, WA) on Sep 5, 2012
Both of these conditions respond well to acupuncture. In Chinese medicine, fibroids are seen as stagnant uterine blood flow, which obstructs the menstruation and conception processes. Acupuncture can relieve the stagnation and restore normal menstruation and conception. It takes 90-150 days to influence change in a woman's menstrual cycle, and it usually takes more than one menstrual cycle for pregnancy to occur even in the best circumstances. 3 to 6 months of acupuncture is recommended to achieve pregnancy when fibroids or infertility is an issue. This time frame will vary from person to person according to underlying underlying infertility issues and other factors. Acupuncture is more effective in treating infertility than Western medicine. In a recent major study, acupuncture resulted in 60% more effectiveness than IVF in achieving viable pregnancy. Acupuncture helps to: -Increase blood flow to the uterus, which improves the chances of an ovum implanting on the uterine wall. -Reduce anxiety and stress. The hormones that are secreted during stressful situations can significantly decrease fertility. -Normalize hormone and endocrine systems that regulate ovulation, especially in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. -Positively affect the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis, which plays a key role in fertility. -Regulate menstrual cycle More details about acupuncture treatment for infertility can be found on my website:
Michael Moy (Willowbrook, IL) on Sep 5, 2012
Acupuncture can help infertility, though treatment should be combined with herbal tea and supplements. Treatment can take as little as one session or up to two years. Age and overall health also matter.
Meg Richichi (New York, NY) on Sep 5, 2012
Yes, acupuncture is part of the picture when addressing fibroids and fertility issues. The bigger picture includes lifestyle, diet and detoxification. Length of treatment can vary from client to client. Again, their are a variety of factors to consider when addressing both issues. So frequently women ask, "What can I do to become pregnant and this also applies to all hormonal issues?" If a woman wants to become a mother, she must first become the best mother she can possible be to herself- in every area of her life. When a woman choose to nurture herself, making this a priority, she increases her chances for bringing a child into this world.
Andrew Rader (Lagunitas, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
Acupuncture is not a magic cure, and there are many factors that will contribute to the question of wether or not you will be able to have a successful, healthy pregnancy and birth. Acupuncture is just one methodology that has been very helpful in fertility issues. The size and quantity of the fibroids and their location/s will matter. Find an acupuncturist in your area that specializes in fertility. Often the acupuncturist works in conjunction with your OB/Gyn to help come up with a plan.
Elizabeth Stephenson (Daytona Beach, FL) on Sep 5, 2012
Yes, acupuncture can help your body heal uterine fibroids and infertility. Depending upon the severity of your condition, it may take several sessions of acupuncture. Very commonly, herbal formulas will be prescribed. Herbal treatment of uterine fibroids can be very successful. In my experience, it takes at least four months to see measurable results in the shrinking of uterine fibroids. I have personally seen two cases where herbal formulas alone (no acupuncture) have helped the body reabsorb fibroid tumors.
Maria Baraybar Lee (Denver, CO) on Sep 5, 2012
It depends of the size and type of fibroid you have. If it is causing infertility I will think it is quite large, Acupuncture can help with the infertility and Chinese herbs can help reduce the size of the fibroid.
Beth Theodore (Redondo Beach, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
Acupuncture and herbs can be very helpful in treating both fibroids and infertility. The purpose is to balance the body to help strengthen your fertility. Various acupuncture points and herbs can help your body eliminate or shrink fibroids.
Paul Kempisty (New York, NY) on Sep 5, 2012
Acupuncture has been proven in numerous controlled studies to basically double the success rate of traditional medical fertility treatments. It is an incredible tool for fertility treatment. In my practice, I have found that combining herbs with acupuncture has proven successful in many cases, even the "hopeless" ones. When a patient is also doing medical fertility therapies, such as IVF, we see the best results when they have also undergone acupuncture and herbal treatments for at least three months. When patients are just trying to get pregnant on their own, we advice them to start with regular acupuncture and herbal treatments. The course of treatment concludes or changes when they become pregnant. Treating fibroids is a little different. When fibroids are small to begin with (less than 4 cm) they can be eliminated with acupuncture treatments, but it can take up to 12 months. We can slow or stop the growth of larger fibroids, though we usually can't get rid of them altogether. Keep in mind that treatments are quite different when fibroids are being treated on their own versus as part of a patient's fertility treatment.
Jason Bussell (Wilmette, IL) on Sep 5, 2012
Fibroids and infertility are two different questions. Many women have fibroids that do not interfere with conception at all. It depends on the location and size of the fibroid as to whether or not it will be a hindrance to achieving and maintaining pregnancy. Acupuncture can help infertility whether couples are trying to conceive naturally or with the help of technology. Acupuncture alone has limited effectiveness with fibroids, but a trained herbalist can devise an herbal prescription that can shrink and even eliminate fibroids if they are not too big. My wife is one of the top fertility acupuncturists in the country, so we see a lot of fertility cases. Herbs can shrink fibroids, but it can take a long time. Fertility patients tend to be a little older and may not have a year or two to wait. If the fibroid is large and can be removed safely with surgery, then some patients may prefer to go that route. That is not without risk, however. Scar tissue on the uterus reduces the real estate in which an embryo can implant. So there are many factors to consider. If you have time, then I would suggest you seek out an acupuncturist/herbalist. (Do not self-prescribe herbs). If you are short on time, then I would also recommend seeing an OB that specializes in fibroid removal.
Mindy Boxer (Santa Monica, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
Yes, acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are a wonderful, natural way to treat fibroids and infertility. Each woman is unique, and will respond in an individual way. You should allow 6 to 9 months of weekly acupuncture treatments, along with herbal remedies, to treat all of the underlying issues
Chantal Davis (San Diego, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
Absolutely. Chinese Medicine really shines in the area of infertility and gynecological issues. Western medicine is really great with fertility issues when there is a major issue. However it can throw things off when the body is just slightly awry. Fibroids are considered static in Chinese Medicine, meaning blood is not flowing as it should be. You may find that you also have an irregular cycle or pain with your periods. Acupuncture can help bring circulation and proper blood flow to the reproductive organs. Herbs are great for building up any issues of deficiency and moving blood.
Aram Akopyan (Glendale, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
In our clinic we have been treating fertility cases for the past seven years with measurable success. The size of the fibroids makes a difference. If the size of the fibroids is below 4cm, we can usually obtain good results with herbal prescriptions and acupuncture within two to three months. If they are bigger, treatment might take longer. It is advisable to consult with your acupuncturist and your gynecologist to prepare a good treatment protocol. As for fertility, most practitioners will want to treat clients for a minimum of three cycles and up to a year to produce good results. Lifestyle changes, diet and herbal prescriptions can take up to six months to generate the desired effect.