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Can acupuncture help you stop smoking?

Paul Mosier (Amherst, NH) on Sep 5, 2012
Yes. Acupuncture has been used in drug detoxification and rehabilitation programs in the US since the late 1970s. Acupuncture can help you quit smoking because it can reset the brain's pleasure & reward centers, to help you avoid feeling the urge to reach for the next cigarette. It will stop the physiological need to smoke. If you have a psychological trigger (ie. you smoke because you're stressed, or bored, or whatever), then you'll still need to conquer that feeling.
White-Eagle Perry (Arvada, CO) on Sep 5, 2012
Acupuncture of the ear along with ear "seeds" can be very effective in helping you quit smoking. However, I will state that if you truly do not want to quit, or willing to face those "inner demons" that are nearly always present with smokers, then nothing I have found has great success.
Quli Zhou (San Jose, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
I think Acupuncture is an excellent method to help stop smoking! I Have been helping my patients stop smoking in the past 25 years. It worked no matter for heavy smokers or casual smokers. Acupuncture helps not only reduce or stop the craving for cigarettes, but also help reduce stress and bring calmness. It worked with 1 to 4 sessions.
Sarah Sawyer (Saint Paul, MN) on Sep 5, 2012
Yes, acupuncture is very effective in helping ease the irritability, cravings, and other symptoms that can sometimes happen while quitting.
Daniel Cook (Woodinville, WA) on Sep 5, 2012
In short, yes. However, it is important to understand that while acupuncture will reduce the symptoms of withdrawal, it cannot really help you break the habit Therefore, while acupuncture can help you stop, it will not make you stop. You still have to do that yourself.
Frieda Mah (Irvine, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
Yes. Through acupuncture treatments your body will wake up. You will start to find smoking less enjoyable. Sometimes a patient will quit smoking after one hour-long acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture can also strengthen the lungs and help the body expel phlegm. Treatment with Chinese herbs can also help the body expel the tar in the lungs. Using herbs and Chinese exercises along with acupuncture will speed recovery. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can positively affect or prevent COPD, emphysema and pneumonia, improving quality of life.
Rachel Tan (San Rafael, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
Yes. Acupuncture can help people cut down on the need for smoking and ease withdrawal symptoms.
Annie Porter (Scottsdale, AZ) on Sep 5, 2012
Yes, it can, although it is not a magic bullet. There is a protocol from the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association that utilizes five points in the ear to treat addictions of all kinds. The point "shenmen" is used to calm the spirit, as addictions seem to disquiet the spirit and produce anxiety. The "sympathetic" point targets the fight or flight response to help with stress. It also reduces pain. The "kidney" and "liver" points work together to detoxify the organs directly involved in addiction. The lung point also stimulates circulation to cleanse toxins from the body.
Mei Li (Honolulu, HI) on Sep 5, 2012
Yes, acupuncture is known to help people stop smoking by suppressing the desire to smoke and by controlling the withdrawal symptoms. Acupuncture can also strengthen your willpower and heal your body from the harmful effects of smoking.
Florian Boschi (Beverly Hills, CA) on Sep 5, 2012
Take a look at this link: In 1985, following 10 years of their experience developing the basic five ear-points NADA protocol for treatment of addiction, the staff and other professionals associated with the South Bronx's Lincoln Hospital determined a need for a national-level organization to expand training capacity and awareness of the value of acupuncture as a tool of recovery. NADA was then established to enroll members, establish a collection of related reference materials, codify a training curriculum and develop a flexible system for registering qualified trainers and delivering trainings. NADA has since trained more than 10,000 health professionals, including counselors, social workers, nurses, medical doctors, psychologists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, outreach workers, drug court judges, corrections officers and others to use the protocol. A wide variety of controlled clinical trials, outcome summaries and anecdotal reports about the use of acupuncture in addiction treatment have been appearing since the 1970s in journals specializing in addictions, mental health, public health, criminal justice and acupuncture. These reports differed vastly in terms of methodology, populations studied, statistical sophistication and clinical relevance as well as in their findings about the value of acupuncture. A sub-category of this published work has focused specifically on the NADA protocol. Within this sub-category is found strong evidence for the effect of the NADA protocol in improving patient outcomes in terms of program retention, reductions in cravings, anxiety, sleep disturbance and need for pharmaceuticals.
Maria Baraybar Lee (Denver, CO) on Jan 9, 2013
Yes we can help with stop smoking and the anxiety related to the withdrawal
Carlos Chapa (Mesquite, TX) on Jan 7, 2013
Yes! Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine can help with smoking cessation. Some patients only take 1-3 sessions to quit, while others take more. It depends on how long you have been smoking, what have you tried before to quit and your willingness to make changes. I have had patients quit after ONE session, while others went from 3 packs to 1 within a few weeks. Don't be surprised if your Doctor brings up your diet and will probably recommend some diet changes. Make sure you go to a Licensed Acupuncturist (not certified) that has graduated from at least a Masters Degree program. Every state is different and some require little to no exams or training.
Jason Bussell (Wilmette, IL) on Jan 6, 2013
If you are ready to quit, acupuncture can lessen the withdrawal by about 70%, making it much easier and more comfortable. If you are not ready to quit, save your money and find the motivation to quit, then seek out an acupuncturist to help you.
Kerry Kott (Odessa, FL) on Oct 15, 2012
Yes, absolutely. I have worked with patients to help them quit smoking. Acupuncture addresses the physical conditions and emotional reasons associated with addictions. I also incorporate herbal medicine in order to nourish and heal the body from within.
Shohreh Younessian Pedouim (Los Angeles, CA) on Oct 15, 2012
Quit smoking is different from quit alcohol in alcoholism or opium in people with addiction in that category. Quit smoking is a "decision" away from you. but there is a reason that you became smoker at the fist place. for that reason Acupuncture will help. Acupuncture is the best quit smoking buddy for you. is calming , soothing and helps your body in different ways.
Christopher Serrell (Westminster, CO) on Oct 14, 2012
Acupuncture can help with any addiction with the use of auricular therapy as well as other treatment modalities. The unfortunate problem with patients looking to quit any addictive substance is that they're looking for a magic bullet that requires them to do no work. Acupuncture can help with the cravings however its up to the patient to quit in the end.
Portia Zheng (Sunnyvale, CA) on Oct 2, 2012
please see portia
Charles Sylvester (Webster, NY) on Sep 30, 2012
Acupuncture can absolutely help you to stop smoking. I must advise you, however, that the key here is COMMITMENT. Typically, the protocol consists of multiple treatments per week and depending on how much the person smokes this number can vary. The treatments consist of 5 needles in each ear for approximately 30-45 minutes. It is simple, painless and essentially one of the easiest treatments to both get and give. Diet and lifestyle choices are also key during the process of quitting smoking. One must refrain from caffeine (eg. coffee) and eat healthy (eg. lots of vegetables, namely carrots and celery). You must set boundaries for and give yourself plenty of positive affirmation during the process because it's not an easy process and the odds are usually stacked against those looking for a way out but I'm here to tell you that that doesn't have to be the case. I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me. Best wishes.
Katalin Csoka (Mission Viejo, CA) on Sep 29, 2012
Most definitely, YES. Though it takes several consecutive treatments and maybe herbal medicine to help w cravings.
Kathleen Rosenblatt (Los Angeles, CA) on Sep 6, 2012
ACUPUNCTURE FOR OVEREATING, SMOKING, AND ALL ADDICTIONS by Kathleen Rosenblatt 310-470-4557 It is well known that acupuncture is an effective treatment for many health complaints. It manipulates the vast meridian system, balances the electrical fields, and integrates the functions of the various organs. One of its most effective applications is for any kind of chemical dependency, whether it be creamy desserts, cigarettes or cocaine! In my practice, I use herbs, massage, and special tuning points on the body. In particular, points on the ear are stimulated because the ear is like a computer keyboard for the brain, an external outcropping through which we can program the brain centers for appetite control, balancing metabolism, and eliminating depression and addiction. One of the major ear points for this purpose is Shen Men or "the Door of the Spirit," a point that can open our spirit or emotional center. Research has shown that it helps to restore the normal release of endorphins, the chemical receptor sites that are found everywhere in the body which give us a sense of wellbeing. They are responsive to many stimulants in life, both healthy and unhealthy. Often we hear of a "runner's high." But in the case of a smoker or even a "foodaholic," these chemicals are "locked up" and dependent on the "fix" (of nicotine, drugs, alcohol, or sugar) in order to be released. Once certain points are stimulated, the patient begins to feel a sense of deep relaxation, and the endorphins can begin to be released normally. So he loses that nervous build-up that triggers the need for a cigarette. The chemical addiction is gone. Furthermore, acupuncture helps the body to detoxify from the adverse effects of accumulated tars and nicotine. Patients often report "feeling like a new person." The number of treatments required varies from patient to patient but often only three treatments are necessary. Some people are able to quit smoking "cold turkey." But frequently, former smokers will still crave cigarettes years later because their endorphins were never normalized. So it is important to induce a deep state of relaxation in the patient during the treatment. In that way, the "reward" or "consolation" of smoking, alcohol, overeating or drug taking is neutralized. You already feel full, complete. Through breathing exercises, we are enabled to feel the alpha waves in the brain, and the sensation of our liquidy, airy protoplasmic molecules. The body and mind feel good again and free of dependency!