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Can acupuncture heal a large fibroid?

Mei Li (Honolulu, HI) on Aug 15, 2012
The best treatment option for a fibroid depends on its location and how it is attached to an organ. In any case, acupuncture can help shrink the fiibroid over time, and the process can be quickened with the addition of Chinese herbal therapy.
Florian Boschi (Beverly Hills, CA) on Aug 15, 2012
In my experience, uterine fibroids are better dealt with by using herbal medicine. They usually don't disappear completely, but they often shrink in size. Acupuncture is a great tool to use as an additional treatment modality
Jeremy Cornish (Naperville, IL) on Aug 15, 2012
Your body has its own natural mechanisms to help reduce the size of the fibroids. Acupuncture helps this. Acupuncture is also useful for minimizing pain or other symptoms associated with the fibroid without actually curing it. If you want to shrink it down, Chinese herbs are actually the most important, in my experience.
Annie Porter (Scottsdale, AZ) on Aug 15, 2012
In Chinese medicine, fibroids are due to stuck energy we call qi. When qi becomes stagnant, blood becomes static. These substances accumulate and can form a fibroid over time. The liver, in Chinese medicine, regulates our qi and keeps it flowing smoothly. It is also responsible for processing excess estrogen from the body. Estrogen contributes to the development of fibroids. Acupuncture will regulate the liver's qi to relieve the stagnation and pain. Chinese herbal formulas are useful when used in conjunction with acupuncture to regulate qi, break up static blood and support the formation of new, healthy blood.
Kexin Bao (Rosemead, CA) on Aug 15, 2012
Acupuncture can reduce the pain. Combined with herbal medicines that adjust the endocrine system, it might be possible to reduce the size of the fibroid. In some cases, the fibroid will disappear.
Carlos Chapa (Mesquite, TX) on Aug 15, 2012
Acupuncture and herbal medicine has shown wonderful and positive results with fibroids. However, success ultimately depends on the size and location of the fibroid. Please see a licensed acupuncturist with experience in treating fibroids. Good luck.
George Mandler (Stow, MA) on Aug 15, 2012
It's possible, through a mix of acupuncture and herbal medicine. However it can be a long and costly process. Sometimes a good surgeon is the best option for larger masses, depending on the fibroid's location and impact on your overall health.
Alma Myers (North Hollywood, CA) on Aug 15, 2012
In my experience, it really depends just how large the fibroid is. There are herbal formulas that can target fibroids, though keep in mind that herbal therapy can take from 3 to 6 months. Herbal formulas are great for preventing re-occurrences after surgery as well. I've used herbal treatment in conjunction with acupuncture to assist with recovery. I recommend getting ultrasounds during your care to make sure the fibroid is shrinking. If you develop a fever or sudden abdominal pain, please get checked out by a doctor immediately.