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Acoustic wave therapy

Acoustic wave therapy tightens and tones your skin to reduce cellulite.

Questions to ask your doctor:

  • Will acoustic wave therapy get rid of my cellulite?
  • How many acoustic wave therapy treatments will I need to see results?
  • How long will acoustic wave therapy last?

Pre-procedure prep for acoustic wave therapy: For one week before treatment, avoid anti-inflammatory agents like aspirin and ibuprofen to minimize the risk of bruising after treatment.

What To Expect

There are two ways acoustic wave therapy is performed. The first uses a device called a radial head; the second is called a planar head. Both devices are non-invasive and produce comparable results. The radial head generates a persistent, moderate acoustic wave pressure.

The planar head, on the other hand, uses high energy electromagnets to create a strong, short burst of pressure. Both stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin while increasing blood circulation and breaking up fat.

Your physician will decide which option will better treat your skin. Before treatment, you will have gel spread on your body (which is wiped off after treatment).

Who should do it: The D-Actor device is approved for prescription use by trained physicians only. Speak with a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist if you're considering treatment with acoustic wave therapy.

Duration: Each area takes under 10 minutes to treat. Sessions are often shorter than 30 minutes apiece.

How Painful Is It?

Acoustic therapy is not painful. You may feel pressure or vibrations.

Options for anesthesia: Anesthesia is not used for acoustic wave therapy.

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