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Ablative laser skin resurfacing

Ablative lasers directly affect the surface of the skin, peeling off wrinkles and spots along with the top layer of skin.

Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing Side Effects

A common complication of ablative lasers is hyper or hypopigmentation, so individuals with darker skin tones are urged to try another laser type.

Who shouldn't use it: Ablative lasers are powerful and should not be used in patients with a tendency to form keloids, who have used Accutane a year prior to treatment, whose wounds tend to heal poorly, or who have a skin conditions such as psoriasis. The treatment should be avoided by pregnant and nursing women.

Recovery Time For Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing

Recovery from an ablative laser, like a CO2 or Erbium laser, is at least a week and the skin will be pink for wweks afterward. Co2 lasers run the additional risk of removing pigmentation from the skin permanently.

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