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The Healthiest Home Delivery Service?

February 2014

Getting a massage can come with a lot of obstacles—like synchronizing your schedule with a spa’s appointment book, and sessions that come with frou-frou bells and whistles when you just want some immediate TLC for your achy, breaky shoulders. And trying to get a massage last minute, like on a holiday weekend? That might double the stress you’re seeking to remedy.Enter Zeel, an app for booking same-day in-home massages, which the company likes to call “massage on demand.” You can book one-off massages for about $120, or you can sign up for a 12-month “subscription” (the Massage Zeelot membership program) that comes with a monthly massage for $99 (plus tax and tip)—and your own personal massage table for keeps. (Fear not, New Yorkers, folded up tables easily slide under a bed or sofa.)
How does it work? You use the app to book a massage within 48 hours of the time you want it. Then, a message goes out to all the therapists in Zeel’s large network who meet your criteria (e.g., female therapist, deep tissue, in X zip code). Within 15 minutes you’ll get a text from Zeel confirming the appointment and providing you with the therapist’s name. Think of it as Uber, but driving you to a State of Zen, instead of back home after a boozy dinner out.
The Zeel therapists arrive chez vous with their own kit of massage essentials—one of my therapists even came with mini-speakers and an impressive music selection. And all the therapists I got over the past four months had more than a decade of experience and came with a whole battery of bodywork skills—from trigger point to myofacial to Thai massage. So when I’ve signed up for just a Swedish I’ve ended up getting much more.
Zeel debuted last April in New York City. It’s also available in Long Island and Westchester, and starting later this month will roll out in Miami. By the end of the year, the Massage Zeelot program will also be offered in Los Angeles and San Francisco. It looks like turning your home into a spa is becoming as easy as turning on your iPhone. —Alexia Brue