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Health-Tech Incubators See Influx of Startups

March 2013

Samer Hamadeh, founder of New York-based Zeel, says StartUp Health helped him transform his three-year-old business from an online directory of alternative health services to a mobile app that allows people to book same-day massages on their smartphones. "StartUp Health created this robust set of online tools that really help you figure out what your goals are and who your customer is," Hamadeh says. "That helped us make the decision [to pivot] and feel good about it."

Hamadeh and others working in health IT say entrepreneurs should choose an incubator whose approach best matches their experience and stage of development. Short-term incubators like Blueprint and Rock Health may be most appropriate for first-time entrepreneurs who need a basic education in navigating the market, while StartUp Health's extended, virtual approach may work for more developed companies. "My team and I have sold two companies and invested in others, so we didn't lack that confidence that we could make something happen," Hamadeh says. "We needed expertise geared at slightly more established companies."